After an ill-informed news cycle blaming the Speaker of the House for a ‘sexist’ dress code that was implemented long before he took control of the gavel, Paul Ryan is working to bring the dress code into modernity.

As it stands, women aren’t permitted to wear open-toed shoes or sleeveless dresses. And men are required to wear jackets and ties. Yet, it’s only the women’s dress code that’s suffered sexist accusations.

Politico reports:

The Wisconsin Republican in a news conference Thursday said he has asked the House sergeant-at-arms to revisit and “update” business dress requirements that bar women from wearing sleeveless and open-toed shoes. The dress code also requires men to wear jackets and a tie, though that requirement has largely escaped recent criticism.

“Decorum is important, especially for this institution, and a dress code in the chamber and in the lobby makes sense,” Ryan said. “But we also don’t need to bar otherwise accepted contemporary business attire, so look for a change on that soon.”

“The sergeant-at-arms was simply enforcing the same interpretation of the rules as under my predecessors,” Ryan said. “This is nothing new and it’s certainly not something that I devised.”

He added: “But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that enforcement couldn’t stand to be a bit modernized. So that is why we will be working with the sergeant-at-arms to ensure the enforcement of appropriate business attire is updated.”

As I blogged earlier this week:

Last week, a female reporter was kicked out of the Speaker’s Lobby for donning sleeveless attire. The incident reignited a debate on the long-standing Congressional dress code.

The whole ordeal went something like this:

  1. Reporter booted for violating well-known dress code rule
  2. Paul Ryan is sexist, Republicans STILL hate all the womenz, and THE HANDMAID’S TALE IS HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES

Former Speaker Pelosi weighed in:

It’s almost like she could’ve updated the dress code when she ran the show…

But now all is right in the world because everyone knows bare shoulders and visible toes make everything less sexist.

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