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Politico: “Andrew Cuomo Could Beat Trump” in 2020

Politico: “Andrew Cuomo Could Beat Trump” in 2020


The Democratic Party is not only in disarray, but they seem to have no idea what to do to correct course.

So far, the progressive wing seems to agree that it’s best to push all the way left: to run on single-payer and “free” college, to establish a pro-abortion purity test, to curse at every public speaking opportunity, and to engage in unseemly and increasingly violent “resistance” efforts that insult the millions of Americans who voted for President Trump.

The establishment wing is thus far maintaining the status quo: they’re keeping the Congressional leadership that led them to historic electoral defeats across the board, sticking to knee-jerk opposition to and obstruction of the duly-elected president’s agenda, and murmuring about the continuation of the Clinton dynasty in the person of Chelsea Clinton.

It’s hard  not to laugh . . .  until you read Politico‘s “big” story on New York’s Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo’s ability to “beat Trump” in 2020.  This isn’t the first time Politico has promoted Cuomo for 2020.

In a glowing piece that treats Cuomo like the Second Coming of Obama, Politico posits that Cuomo is the perfect remedy for the Democrats’ woefully bare bench, Andrew Cuomo Could Beat Trump … If He Can Win Over the Left First:

The scene is unfolding in the shabby headquarters of the Hotel Trades Council just off Times Square in the late spring of 2017, but it’s not hard to imagine the speech somewhere in the Rust Belt in 2020, with a Democratic nominee trying to reclaim the Upper Midwest for his party.

“The truth is the middle class is under attack. The working families are under attack,” Andrew Cuomo bellows, his tough-guy accent coming in a little thick. “Middle-class wages are behind where they were 20 years ago. Think about it. All the pundits on TV say, ‘We don’t understand why there is such anger and anxiety.’”

Standing before a crowd of unionized hotel workers several hundred strong, the governor of New York rails against Republicans for feeding workers like them a lie all these years. He speaks to them like he alone understands what they have been going through, watching wages disappear while the rest of the country gets richer. “It’s the labor movement that built the middle class and it’s the labor movement that’s going to have to rebuild the middle class in this country,” he thunders. He has the room, completely.

Cuomo is a big-name politician who has long seemed an extremely unlikely national candidate — until now, when suddenly he’s seeming like a very likely one. In theory, he is here to ceremonially sign a bill that would allow union members to deduct their union dues from their state taxes, but it’s clear what he is really doing today is waging a bigger argument against President Donald Trump.

“You want to deport immigrants? I say to them, start with me, Andrew Cuomo, the grandson of Andrea and Immacolata Cuomo, Italian poor immigrants,” he tells a roomful of people who are mostly immigrants.
The hotel workers stand up. They cheer. “Andrew Cuomo for president!” Someone yells. And then all at once. “2020! 2020!”

. . . . New Yorkers love to assume that their politicians are national figures by default, even as one by one they flame out on the big stage. For much of his career, Cuomo has looked like another in this long line: someone too nakedly ambitious, too pushy, with too messy of a personal life—too, well, New Yorky—to play much beyond Buffalo and the Battery. But suddenly it seems that Americans are willing to pull the lever for a muscular, messy, rough-edged leader shouting for the common man, and suddenly the governor is starting to show up on a lot of people’s lists.

Politico rightly notes that the major stumbling block for Cuomo running in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary comes from the “newly energized” left who sees him as a centrist who caters to the 1%.

The progressive Slate was quick to post a rebuttal entitled “We Need to Stop This ‘Andrew Cuomo 2020’ Nonsense Immediately.”

Politico has a big piece Friday suggesting that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo could defeat Donald Trump in 2020 as the Democrats’ presidential nominee if he is able to win over “the left.”

For the most part, we can dismiss this concept without even addressing the already tiresome idea that what a Democratic voting base that has spent the past six months getting jazzed up about aggressive resistance and unapologetically liberal policies is actually fixin’ to do in 2020 is nominate a moderate centrist triangulating triangulator who—as Politico points out itself!—lowered taxes on millionaires and has close ties to his state’s most powerful corporate executives.

The progressive left’s problems with Cuomo are rooted in his not being progressive enough.  On the right, however, the feeling is that he is far too progressive to appeal to middle America.

Cuomo not only publicly announced that “conservatives are not welcome” in New York, but he also signed the anti-Second Amendment SAFE Act that even New Yorkers blatantly rejected and ignore.

If upstate New York is a harbinger for things to come, then the resulting pushback on Cuomo’s SAFE Act is resounding.

But in pushing for passage of strict new gun laws, Mr. Cuomo alienated a vocal constituency across upstate New York, a region he has otherwise wooed. In court, gun owners have challenged the constitutionality of the laws; on lawn signs and bumper stickers in places like the Catskills and western New York, they demand their repeal.

Counties, towns and villages have passed resolutions denouncing the laws, and some counties have even demanded that their official seals not be used on any paperwork relating to them. In response to an open records request, the governor’s office shared hundreds of pages of such resolutions, from far-flung places like the Adirondack town of North Hudson, with 238 residents, to more populous areas like Erie County.

“The calculation when it was passed was people were going to get mad for a little while and then get over it,” Stephen J. Aldstadt, the president of the Shooters Committee on Political Education, said. “I don’t think people are getting over it.”

Self-declared “collectivist” Cuomo is a big believer that government can “solve all problems.”  He is for open borders, a $15 minimum wage, banning fracking, “free” college,” and he actively “protects” abortion to the degree that he sought to enshrine abortion into the ninth month in New York state law.  Add to this, if need be, that the New York City subway fiasco points to his incompetence, and there is about zero chance he would win any non-centrist, non-Democrat votes anywhere in the country.

The Politico piece makes the same mistake that Democrats are making across the board:  they confuse “populism” with socialism and/or communism.  One of the primary problems with this misreading of the country is that the Americans who voted for Trump’s brand of populism want jobs, opportunity, and liberty.  The exact opposite, in other words, of what Democrats offer.


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Unless it is a play on the valid point about obscenity, you need to add a missing ‘l’ in the 4th line by the right margin.

inspectorudy | July 9, 2017 at 11:11 am

Just like his father, Cuomo forgets that he is not a clean slate and his public record is open for all to see. He can immediately write off 50% of the voting public on gun control alone. Then when you throw in his views on his disdain for people he doesn’t like and publicly rebukes, add another 10% to the 50%. He and his father both gave good speeches but when the words are parsed, it becomes obvious that the speeches were written by someone else. He has made a mess of NY and one can only imagine what he and his progressives could do for/to the rest of the country. How about a 2020 Cuomo/Harris ticket?

    Imagine how Cuomo would fare in the Rust Belt states that Trump won and growing more popular. How would that go… “Forget capitalism! Who needs a job anyway? More free cheese!”

      Tom Servo in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 9, 2017 at 12:21 pm

      The New York-Boston-DC bubble always loves to run stories about how the Guv of New York is going to be the Next President, even though that hasn’t worked since the Roosevelt’s. Remember how Bloomberg was going to be unstoppable, with all his billions?

      And now they’re all jazzed because “Hey, Trump was from New York! A New Yorker CAN win!!!

      And they completely ignore the fact that he won by explicitly denouncing everything that New York is politically famous for.

Please, bring that on.

Yes, …. and the Pope could be a Muslim.

So “The ONLY GUY who can beat Trump!” is going to be the new battle cry for future Dem wannabes. Sure, why not? After all, “The ONLY GUY who can beat Hillary!” worked so well for those Hillary-clone RINOs.

Let’s see, Barry Sotero beat Hillary and then beat McCain and Romney. Trump beat all of those “only ones” in the primaries without basing his campaign on that vacuous claim and then actually went out and beat Hillary. I see a pattern there and it tells us that the Dems are going to need a better plan.

Trump is the only one with a solid anti-establishment voter base (estimated at 32% but what have we learned about polls?), a base that can only get larger as the Dems lurch even further to the left. I just don’t see a governor or senator from a bankrupt/failed state being “the guy” to unseat a popular president with a trite slogan. He would be better off challenging voters with “Are you sick and tired of winning yet?” Vote for me and I’ll make the entire country into a “space to destroy” just like NY and NYC.”

It’s as I’ve said numerous times – Bernie reached maximum density in votes in the primary. There’s no way there’s that many idiots out there willing to vote for a full-blown commie.


Coomo has no chance of beating Trump.

“You want to deport immigrants? I say to them, start with me, Andrew Cuomo.”

Now there’s a good idea.

Guy’s so stupid; he doesn’t realize he’s not an immigrant. Beside all the deporting stuff applies to illegal immigrants.

Oh yeah, the country’s just dying to have another Northeast liberal who loves to tell other people what to do, is willing to take their guns, and to tax them to the hilt.

Com’n, Dems, nominate him.

stevewhitemd | July 9, 2017 at 1:09 pm

I would have some sympathy for the quandary the Democrats have found themselves in except for the recognition that they’ve brought it on themselves, each and every little bit of it.

And on the rest of us.

2020 is a long ways away; but even in 2013 there was an outline out there about how to beat Hillary. Clearly Jeb, Ted, Marco and Carly didn’t read the plan, but Donald did, and he’s now president.

But in 2017, what’s the outline to beat Trump? Go further left? “Free” college and “free” health care? Open borders? Giving the elites more control over the lives of ordinary people?

Sure, Democrats, run with that.

Move to the center? First, no one going to believe that, and second (in an echo of the reverse of the situation) why go with a capitalist-lite when I can vote for a full-blown capitalist?

No, the only way for a Democrat to win in 2020 is to have the country go to hell and then stand over the bloody carcass. Which, if you analyze what the Democrats have been doing since mid-November, is their outline.

Pelosi Schmelosi | July 9, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Wait, what?
This is for reals?

Changing the guy at the top of the fetid corpse of the Democrat party won’t do a damn thing!

Get out of the hot July sun Politico, you’re brain is getting sunburned..

It is not delusional at all. Cuomo could really beat Trump…

…provided they were playing beer pong or some other drinking game.

Not clicking through… but it’s not a delusional claim.

For all of the “little ball” being played out in the press and insider Washington gossip, only one thing really matters in 2020: Do blue-collar workers in the midwest feel like their job prospects have improved during the Trump presidency?

If they do, no Democrat has any chance.
If they don’t, even Bernie Sanders probably has a chance.

Like hell he could.

Paint drying is more exciting than Cuomo.

Imagine him talking down to voters.

Had he been running in 2014, yes.
Since he will be running in 2020, no.

The reason? Trump.

In 2014, the Dems could put forth any candidate and airbrush in a background with fuzzy campaign promises. They would hand it to the media, and that false image would be blasted at full volume around the country without the candidate spending a dime. Keywords such as “young” and ‘vibrant’ would appear as if by magic in front of his name, and ‘clean’ ‘honest’ and ‘refreshing’ would be how the campaign would be described. Scandals would vanish or be poo-poo’d as Republican tricks, soundbites would be clipped to make the candidate walk on water, heal the sick, and raise the dead (voters).

Now we fast-forward to 2020, in which headlines proclaiming “Sun to rise in East” are disbelieved. The myth of the independent press has been staked out on the anthill of public opinion, and Trump poured on the honey.

Good for him.

Maxine Waters has a better chance. At least she is funny even if it is unintentional.

Well, he’s a good liar! He’s arrogant! He sure knows how to separate taxpayers from their money. And he claims to be an immigrant to boot!

Maybe they’re right, go ahead and run Andrew. I’d love to see it. Get him to resign so he can ‘focus’ on the campaign and do New Yorkers a favor at the same time. I’d love to see that even more.

I think the Democrats’ best chance is to run an Obama type (a black guy with no record), or Justin Trudeau Type (a pretty boy who ticks all of the right liberal issue boxes).

Corey Booker or Gavin Newsom seem like their best candidates.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to rotten. | July 9, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Newsome has essentially the same gun control problem as does Cuomo, only maybe worse. CA is maybe even more draconian on that subject than is NY, and Newsome was apparently at the center of the last big push, that even banned “bullet button” AR-15s, but also removed grandfathering from reduced capacity magazines over 10 rounds, making them illegal to possess, without any meaningful state compensation for the “Takings”. Plus background checks for ammunition purchases.

      clintack in reply to Bruce Hayden. | July 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm

      I wish gun control were a problem. I just don’t think it is. Hillary directly stated her admiration for Australia’s gun confiscation. She still almost won.

      Don’t count the gun grabbers out yet. They were one Garland confirmation away from gutting the 2nd amendment.

    clintack in reply to rotten. | July 9, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    Agreed. But I can’t imagine Corey Booker or Gavin Newsom *wanting* to run in 2020, when they’re still young and would have a better chance in 2024.

    Jerry Brown isn’t running for reelection next year, and Gavin Newsom has already declared his candidacy. It’s a great position for him — since he can be leading the states-rights #resistance against Trump. But if he’s elected governor in 2018, he’d have a hard time immediately starting a presidential campaign. But he’d be really well positioned for the 2024 race, assuming Trump wins a second term.

    Corey Booker is more likely. But only if Trump looks vulnerable — that is, if the jobs situation is still dismal by the end of next year.

    Paul in reply to rotten. | July 9, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Booker T-Bone 2020

    Old0311 in reply to rotten. | July 9, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Cory Booker and T-Bone

I loved the comments in the Politico piece about how opposition researchers kept finding Cuomo’s sanitized past.
Funny how there were big stories about how the feds were all over Albany a few years ago when Preet Bharara was running the DOJ efforts, but they never went anywhere.

Yeah, right – this deranged piece of garbage.

Ask the gov: “Did you pay someone $5,000 to take the NY Bar exam for you?”

Watch him break out in a sweat.