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Jane Sanders Screams Sexism Over Bank Fraud Allegations

Jane Sanders Screams Sexism Over Bank Fraud Allegations

When all else fails, claim sexism.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s wife Jane has taken a page out of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s book by screaming ‘sexism’ at Brady Toensing, the man who filed a complaint alleging Mrs. Sanders committed bank fraud while president for the now defunct Burlington College. From The Boston Globe:

“I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that’s not OK,” she said in her first interview about the man responsible for an FBI probe that centers on her leadership at Burlington College, a small liberal arts school on Lake Champlain that she led from 2004 to 2011. The college closed last year as it struggled to pay its creditors and lost its accreditation.

Sexism as a Last Resort

Mrs. Sanders has not lashed out at Toesing until recently. So why does she believe Toesing’s allegations are sexist? The Boston Globe reported:

She said Toensing’s campaign against her is sexist because it assumes her husband somehow interceded on her behalf to secure the loan to buy the new campus — an accusation she insists has no merit.

Is it to destroy her husband or is it because Sanders thinks Toesing’s investigation imply she needed her husband’s help to get the loan for the college? If she were to commit bank fraud she wouldn’t need your husband’s help? It’s sexist to suggest one can’t commit bank fraud on their own?

Either way, the evidence within the investigation disproves both of her sexism claims. According to The Boston Globe, Toesing became interested in Mrs. Sanders’s alleged bank fraud back in 2014 “when the idea of Bernie Sanders’ eventual run for president made most Vermonters laugh.” This was even before Toesing became Vermont’s chairman for President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Toesing didn’t  file the complaint until early 2016. The investigation didn’t come to light until this spring.

This month, it became apparent that the investigation has intensified, which seems to indicate evidence is piling up. I blogged last week:

The Washington Post received a subpoena from “an attorney for the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency, which helped the college get financing.” The agency received the subpoena, which instructed asked for “records related to the land deal and all fundraising efforts, pledges and donations” for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Burlington. The subpoena is titled “grand jury investigation” and tells the agency “to contact a special agent with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., a banking regulator” if anyone has questions.

The Post claimed that this subpoena has become “the first confirmation that prosecutors have collected evidence to present to a grand jury.”

The documents The Post received shows that the investigation is focused solely on Mrs. Sanders, not Bernie, like she suggested in her first quote to The Boston GlobeThe Washington Post reported:

Half a dozen people said in interviews in recent days that they had been contacted by the FBI or federal prosecutors, and former college trustees told The Washington Post that attorneys for Jane Sanders had interviewed them to learn what potential witnesses might tell the government.

The questions from government investigators, as described by those who were interviewed or received subpoenas for documents, suggest that the inquiry is focused on Jane Sanders and alleged bank fraud, and not on her husband. But the inquiry could nonetheless create a political liability for the senator, who was a candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and is the progressive movement’s most popular leader.

In other words, when you don’t have anymore excuses and see the evidence piling up against you, just scream sexism, ladies!

Is Hillary Sexist?

Fox News also reminded us that Hillary’s campaign tried to use the allegations against Bernie during the primaries:

“Jane Sanders must think Hillary Clinton’s campaign was sexist for viewing the alleged bank fraud as a major issue, too,” said Michael Ahrens, Rapid Response Director for the RNC. In publicly leaked emails from Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2015, Clinton’s team looked into using Jane Sanders’ role in the college’s failure against then-candidate Bernie Sanders.

The opposition research by the Clinton campaign, which highlighted Jane Sanders’ connection to Burlington College and its financial downfall, shows that both ends of the political spectrum speculated about her connection to the school’s monetary collapse.

One memo stated:

“After several years as the president of Burlington College, Jane O’Meara Sanders resigned amid speculation that she conflicted with the board and [didn’t] bring in enough money for the school. Critics later tied her to the school’s financial trouble after she brokered a deal to borrow $10 million to buy land for the college,” Clinton’s team summed up in a political opposition memo. “Members of the lending agency expressed concern over the college’s ability to repay the loan, and one suggested that if O’Meara Sanders was not involved, the loan would not have been approved.”


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If she is screaming sexism then clearly she is guilty as f98k!

Massinsanity | July 17, 2017 at 4:52 pm

Could it be that people believe he intervened because he was a sitting US senator, a position that carries much influence. Further, he was a former mayor of Burlington and in a small state such as VT likely knew many people in positions of power in and around the bank.

Sexism has absolutely nothing to do with it.

These people truly have no shame.

    TX-rifraph in reply to Massinsanity. | July 17, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    To engage in corruption, I must first sell my soul, integrity, and character. Shame cannot survive in the remaining moral void where now only money and power exist. A leftist is either an arrogant bully or a bullied victim.

    Orange jumpsuits should be the uniform of the Democrat Party

      C. Lashown in reply to TX-rifraph. | July 17, 2017 at 11:51 pm

      I wonder if she’ll roll over on ‘dear old Bernie’? What a shame, especially with all their nice new house’s. Being a commie isn’t easy.

Money has sex or gender ?

CaliforniaJimbo | July 17, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Ugh. If you do something illegal and an agency is willing to investigate it, you won’t get away with it whether you pee sitting or standing.
I like to think the best of everyone. I hope she’s innocent but it isn’t looking very good

Pelosi Schmelosi | July 17, 2017 at 5:48 pm


We need an affirmative action program for female criminals. They shouldn’t be held back by those evil white men.

Feel getting burned, lady.

Well it ain’t because she is sexy.

The smell wafting over Lake Champlain is not all cow doo.

News Flash! Willie Sutton has self identified as a female and will be refunded the years he spent in prison. Of course, this all hinges on the ability of that crazy doctor to bring him back to life. Film at eleven.