In yet another example of the anti-Trump contingent creating and spreading misleading stories about President Trump, J. K. Rowling has gone on a Twitter tirade about a video that shows Trump supposedly ignoring a child in a wheelchair.

What the now-viral video fails to show is that at the beginning of this event, Trump entered the room and as he moved toward the podium, he stopped specifically to speak to and to shake hands with the little boy in question.

Here’s that part:

Following his statement, Trump then turns to the assembled children and adults, shaking hands with some, making comments to others as he moved toward the door.

He does not again directly address the little boy he’d singled out for special attention prior to his statement, and Rowling’s Twitter tirade is focused only on the latter part.

Twitchy reports:

There’s clip going around that makes it look like President Donald Trump refused to acknowledge a little boy in a wheelchair at a recent event on Obamacare. But, as you can see below, the clip was edited to omit how President Trump actually did address the kid directly at the beginning of the event.

First up, here’s the edited version:

Editor’s Note: @Ansel deleted his tweet with the clip, but here it is from YouTube:

Rowling went off the rails in response to this part of the video (it’s not clear whether or not she knows—or cares—that it’s not the whole story):

[WAJ note 7/31/2017]: After three days of intense criticism, Rowling finally deleted most of the tweets. An archived screenshot is below]

The trouble with all of this, of course, is that the President didn’t just acknowledge the child, he bent down to speak to him and to shake his hand.  There is no contempt or “fear” that he “might catch his condition.” Quite the opposite.

Rowling’s initial tweet has 73,972 retweets and over 150k likes.

Thus, yet another blatant misrepresentation of the president makes the social media rounds and becomes absorbed as fact.  Just as we heard for almost a decade Tina Fey jokes and one-liners ascribed to Sarah Palin, we’ll be hearing the lie about the president ignoring a child in a wheelchair for years to come.


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