A student from Evergreen State College named Kai-Ave Douvia is of Native American and Puerto Rican descent.

He’s also a progressive, yet he became the target of fellow students at Evergreen before the protests began this spring.

His story provides insight on how students at the school think and what led to the incident with Professor Bret Weinstein, which we covered in numerous posts, including Evergreen Prof. Bret Weinstein’s greatest alleged sin? Not suffering in silence.

This is the second time in recent months that an Evergreen student has spoken out about what happened. In an earlier post we documented the plight of one student:  “I was told that I couldn’t go into the room because I was white”

According to Douvia, he posted something on Facebook which was meant to point out the hypocrisy of social justice warrior students. They had written something about “students of color” and he rewrote it substituting with the word “white” to show the double standard. That simple action earned him scorn, confrontations, and even an order to stay away from certain other students.

The entire video is a little over 14 minutes long but worth your time. Watch it all below.

Video and interview by Benjamin Boyce:

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

One of the first questions is about the importance of race at Evergreen. Douvia responds:

(2:45 mark) “At Evergreen, it’s huge and that’s what I don’t like. Is that they expect me to act a certain way because of my race and they expect me to know certain things because of my race. And I really don’t appreciate it because it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Where do you think this attitude comes from? Douvia:

(3:33 mark) “Its from the faculty. I feel like students are afraid to talk like that because they know things that are OK and aren’t OK to say. But the faculty will actively come out with, you know, anti-this or anti-that type of speech rather than how we fix it. It fosters a really hateful mentality.”

When Douvia is asked to describe the response to his Facebook post, he responds:

(5:56 mark) “I had people threatening to beat me up. I had people saying that my parents should have beat me. I had people saying I was a fragile white boy. And then I had people saying that I was a person of color that just wants to be white and I don’t act like people of color should.”

Douvia describes being confronted by another student in the presence of his RA, who eventually joined the protests. He also says the RA approached him and said:

(8:27 mark) “What, you don’t like it when negros yell at you?” He goes on, “And then I get told that I am some sort of race traitor or that I hide behind my light skin privilege.”

He also remarks on the time during the protest when students held faculty members hostage.

(10:59 mark) “If this were any other school, if you literally held other people hostage, you would get in trouble because that’s breaking the law but they aren’t even getting in trouble for conduct violations. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

He also suggests that the students who participated in the protests did so to gain a feeling of moral superiority. All in all, it’s a fascinating interview which shows the culture of Evergreen State is worse than most people know.

Hat tip to Bret Weinstein:

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