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Last week, I blogged about an economic agreement being worked-out between Israel and 4 central European countries (including Hungary, which was one of the 5 countries on my summer tour).

Today, I snapped this photo in the Old Town of Brasov, Romania in front of the local synagogue.

Eastman Original

Interestingly, during the Cold War, Romania was the only communist country not to break its diplomatic relations with Israel. More recently, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis paid a state visit to Israel in 2016, pledging Romania’s solidarity with Israel in the battle against terrorism, anti-Semitism, racism and hatred.

This relationship will allow Romania to develop its own version of Silicon Valley, which they call “Laser Valley”.

Israel is very interested to collaborate with Romania in the defense industry, personalized medical research, as well as in the development of the “Laser Valley”, a project that will be done in Bucharest’s District 5, said the Social-Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea on Friday,July 14, reports local Economica.net.

He added that Romania wants to continue the collaboration with Israel in the defense industry. However, most of the military equipment that will be developed in partnership with Israel will be produced in Romania, the PSD leader said.

Israel is also interested in Laser Valley, a project that will be developed in Bucharest’s District 5, after the Silicon Valley model. Israeli representatives seemed “very, very interested” in the project, Dragnea said.

Meanwhile, I see President Trump is still tweeting and liberals are still comparing Trump to Hitler. So, not much has changed since I left for the Balkans!

Tomorrow, I am checking off the top item on my bucket list: A tour of Dracula’s Castle! I look forward to returning to California in a few days…which means I will end my 2-weeks of being a foreign correspondent (at least for the time being).


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