James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas dropped the second video of a series to expose the media’s bias against President Donald Trump.

This video catches CNN’s Van Jones, one of the more prominent leftist contributors, admitting the Trump-Russia narrative is mostly a “nothing burger.” Yesterday’s video showed a CNN producer calling the narrative “mostly bullsh*t.”


This is quite a turnaround for Jones. In the screenshot above, Jones said:

Other presidents tried to say nice things about the Russians and other, you know, warm things in their heart and they love…not in the face of an active attack on the country.

O’Keefe and the video do not tell us when the Project Veritas investigator made the recording, but it appears something has changed in Van Jones.

The investigator tells Jones the two met in Palm Springs a few years ago, which leads to a warm greeting between the two men.

Then the investigator asked Jones for his opinion on the “whole Russia thing.” This is how Jones responded:

“Really?” the investigator answered back in a shocked voice. Jones responds, “There’s nothing there you can do..” before trailing off as a friend interrupts the two.

In the video yesterday, CNN producer John Bonifield told the same Project Veritas investigator that the Trump-Russia narrative is “mostly bullsh*t” and he is “very cynical” about the news cycle. He pointed out he has colleagues that share his opinion, but didn’t specify which ones.


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