Bumper stickers used to be a regular feature here.

If you want to scroll through memory lane, try our Bumper Sticker tag. Or better yet, go to our earliest bumper stickers and relive history, like the very first bumper sticker we ever ran:

The 2012 presidential year was a particularly, um, bumper crop. And Obama generally was the man who made Bumper Stickers Great Again.

In the past year, despite all the Trump Derangement Syndrome, readers haven’t sent may bumper stickers, much less ones worth running. So maybe this is a sign that things are changing.

Oregon Mike, who has sent many wonderful bumper sticker images, sent the image above. It’s somewhat hard to make out, except for the one on the right that says “Jesus hates Republicans,” so here is his explanation:

The one on the far left says, “Kill Medicare – Vote Republican!”

The one to the left of the medallion says, “Donald Trump – Waging War on Senior Citizens.”

Note that the vehicle is a Cadillac.

As you know, Eugene is in Lane County, Blue State Oregon, unlike Harney County. However, only the precincts in and immediately surrounding Eugene, plus one up the McKenzie River inhabited by rich transplants, voted for Hillary. The rest of the county, which is roughly the size of Connecticut, is red.

Anyhow, greetings from our asylum to yours.

Are we about to enter a new Orange Age of Bumper Stickers?


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