British PM Theresa May, in an address to the nation, stated that it wasn’t possible to have “predicted” or “envisaged” the latest terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

Here’s her statement, as broadcast on CNN this morning:

We could never have predicted the tragic turn which events would take. We could never have imagined the appalling depravity which led a cowardly and callous killer to target innocent men, women, and children, in the way that we saw in Manchester two weeks ago. Nor could we have envisaged the brutal attack that was carried out on the streets of London Saturday evening.”

Seriously? Why couldn’t she “envisage” the London Bridge attack, given that a very similar attack—in which a vehicle was used as a weapon of mass murder—took place on Westminster Bridge less than three months ago?

As for Manchester outrage, there were echoes of it in the attack on the Bataclan concert hall in Paris. In any case, how can anyone possibly be surprised, or find it hard to “envisage,” Islamic terrorist brutality in any form?

“Appalling depravity” hard for May to have predicted? Despite the history of mass beheadings, drownings, and burning in cages?

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