The battle between global elitism and nationalism was on display on today’s Morning Joe. The panelists exposed their own elitism while Joe Scarborough declared that—at least within the Trump administration—nationalism, in the person of Steve Bannon, is winning.

Scarborough reported that his sources tell him that Bannon has been leaking about Jared Kushner’s Russia contacts in an effort to “sideline” Kushner and preserve his own place within the administration. A bit later, Joe proclaimed Bannon “President of the United States,” given his influence over the actual president.

Here’s Scarborough’s declaration of Bannon as POTUS.

JOE: Do we have that old Time magazine article? I’m serious. Time magazine was right. Steve Bannon is President of the United States. He has gone in. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about policy. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about politics. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about anything. He can get up and give a good speech. You listen to him talk about any topic and he wanders from sentence to sentence to sentence. So Steve Bannon is now the President of the United States. And that was more clear yesterday than ever before, Mika.

MIKA: Which is about the worst thing that could happen to the United States.

Elitism Shows Disconnect With Middle America

  • Katty Kay of the BBC declared climate change probably “the most fundamental issue of our time.”

Questions for Katty:

Which would have more impact on the climate of Seattle? The US pulling out of a non-binding agreement, or a North Korean nuke landing on the Space Needle?”

Which is more “fundamental” to a guy trying to raise a family in eastern Kentucky: a possible three-inch rise in sea levels at some indeterminable point in the future, or the fact that coal mines are closing and he’s out of a job?”

  • Mika then mentioned that she met yesterday at the German embassy with a group of “really accomplished women” and that they were horrified and disgusted by Trump.

Yes, when you want to get your finger on the pulse of America, what better place to do it than with a group of “really accomplished women” who’ve been invited to the German embassy?

  • Mike Barnicle informed the Trump base that in about 10 years, they’d be buying “solar panels made in China at Home Depot.”

If Barnicle’s right, it won’t be because we’ve run out of fossil fuels. To the contrary—thanks to innovations in exploration and drilling—it’s likely that fossil fuel reserves ten years from now will be higher than they are today. If we’re forced to buy solar panels in 2027, it’ll be due to mandates imposed by politicians and bureaucrats.

Viva Solyndra, eh Mike?