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Low Enrollment at Evergreen State College Threatens School’s Future

Low Enrollment at Evergreen State College Threatens School’s Future

“the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011”

This is the best news I’ve read all week. They ought to bulldoze the place and salt the earth afterwards.

The Seattle Times reports:

The Evergreen State College: No safety, no learning, no future

THE next few days are critical for the future of The Evergreen State College.

The public state college near Olympia has become a national caricature of intolerant campus liberalism in both The New York Times and Fox News. At least one professor has been harangued and classes disrupted by shouting mobs of students accusing the famously progressive campus of “systemic racism.”

That coverage apparently has incited anonymous threats of mass murder, resulting in the campus being closed for three days. In the critical last week of school, students have been deprived of learning by extremes on the left and right.

But Evergreen faces a deeper, and more long-term threat. It is the only state four-year higher education institution to see enrollment drop steeply since 2011 despite wide-open admission standards. At about 4,080 students, it is about 300 students short of the Legislature’s funded enrollment target.

The two problems are now entwined. Evergreen President George Bridges and his administration need to assure future students and their parents that academics come first — and not acquiesce to the 200-or-so student protesters at the expense of the 4,000-student campus. Without safety, there’s no learning, and without learning, Evergreen will wither into irrelevance.


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The problem for Evergreen is with an open enrollment policy what they actually get for students are the kids who really aren’t qualified for college at all. The students are aware of this and are also aware that their degree isn’t going to be worth anything in the marketplace. The instructors who teach there do so because they to aren’t qualified to teach at a real college so everyone has to pretend that it’s a real school. They watched Obama become President with no qualifications beyond a big mouth and an attitude so they have nothing to lose by trying the same tactic.

Look at those SJW clowns. Would you hire a single one of them?

    Neo in reply to Paul. | June 17, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Obvious question: Who needs a group of people who’s best skill is using expletives ?
    Answer: Paid union protesters.

Why in God’s name would you ever send your child here if you had even an iota of love and caring for them? This school gives a bad name to state schools, and I have worked at some bad ones. A great way to piss away your parent’s or the taxpayer’s money, but for a career, not a chance.

Sadly, many of the ivy colleges are going the same way. A large part of the problem is tenure, which makes professors unaccountable to virtually any clear headed thinking and frees them from any responsibility to teach children responsibly. These “professors” sit on nice incomes, with little contact hours and receive virtually no instruction on how to teach. I know one that is pulling down a six figure income, had little student contact and the contact he has is not productive to the students, and does “research” that consists of going to the Caribbean a couple of times a year to count vermin on an island (probably two hours) then sits around filling out Facebook pages filled with pictures of sunsets and beer bottles (usually empty).

Great job if you can get it. Stop tenure now.

looks like they’ll have to rename it: deforestation state…

My goodness. It seems that other Leftist dominated colleges where students are rabidly indoctrinated into socialism and communism as the optimal form of government, who decry free enterprise are a terrible burden upon the people, who proclaim extreme racist viewpoints such as being white is a crime, who demand that free speech be abolished, that any statements critical of them (no matter how just) are considered hate speech, where lies are sold as the truth, where students leave the school deeply in debt with no new thinking skills or abilities, and that leave the student utterly unprepared for a future life, are being given a bad name by this college.

Wrathchilde | June 11, 2017 at 8:57 am

Why would anyone pay even the paltry sums Evergreen wants to have their children “educated” at the school that taught Rachel Corrie how the world works?


notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm

Well that’s a good start……

kenoshamarge | June 17, 2017 at 8:58 am

This “school” needs to go the way of the idea that every young person needs to go to college.

Trade school graduates find jobs. And without incurring massive debt to do it.

I remember years ago when people would lament that we pay more to the plumber that fixes our toilet than to the people that educate our children.

The plumber I pay does a good job and is worth what he’s paid. The teachers in our schools – even the good ones – are not allowed to do their job of teaching kids HOW to think.