Merkel’s government wants to kick off “peace talks” with Jihadist terror group Taliban while Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel revealed his country’s involvement in negotiations with Afghanistan-based terrorist group. “We are involved in finding a political solution between the hostile camps,” German Foreign Minister confirmed. It is, however, unclear how Merkel government wants to “make peace” with an Islamist group that remains committed to global Jihad and seeks annihilation of all ‘infidels’.

“One doesn’t make peace with friends, rather with enemies,” Foreign Minister Gabriel told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. Neville Chamberlain couldn’t have said it better.

Ousted from power by a US-led military operation 16 years ago, Taliban has managed to make substantial gains during the eight years of Obama presidency, taking back nearly 40 percent of the country.

“Gabriel calls for peace talks with Taliban,” the leading German weekly Die Zeit reported:

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has called for peace talks with Taliban following massive terror attacks in Afghanistan. “One doesn’t make peace with friends, rather with enemies,” Gabriel told the weekly Bild am Sonntag. For a peace agreement in Afghanistan one has to negotiate with Taliban. Nowhere in the world can a situation be resolved by military means alone. “We are involved in finding a political solution between hostile camps.” [Author’s Translation]

As Chancellor Merkel’s second-in-command, Gabriel also holds the position of Germany’s Vice Chancellor and heads the country’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) — Merkel’s junior coalition partner.

For a peace-maker, the German Vice Chancellor has a peculiar taste when it comes to picking his ‘peace partners’. During his recent visit to Israel, Gabriel preferred meeting with anti-Israel activists calling for the destruction of the Jewish State instead of meeting the democratically elected Prime Minister of the country. According to German newspaper reports, Gabriel even refused to take Prime Minister Netanyahu’s call during his trip to Israel.

The German peace plan is already in full swing. Merkel’s government is hoping to win the hearts and minds of Taliban war criminals by offering them refuge in Germany. As German public broadcaster MDR reported in April:

Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has agreed to give protection to former fighters of Taliban in Germany. A spokesman for BAMF told [German newspaper] Die Welt that considering the threat of torture and death penalty in Afghanistan, Islamists can get asylum in Germany. (…)

As the newspaper further reported, recently many Afghan asylum seekers [in Germany] have described themselves as former Taliban fighters. [Author’s translation, April 27, 2017]

Last week, Merkel put a hold on the deportation of illegal refugees back to Afghanistan, claiming the country was not safe for Afghan returnees. However, the safety of ordinary Europeans facing an unrelenting wave of terror at the hands of Islamists posing as refugees was not on Merkel’s agenda.

If Jihadists are committed to the complete destruction of the West, European leaders like Merkel are willing to meet them halfway by sticking to their open door policy for illegal migrants and terrorists alike.

By these latest overtures of peace, German political elite are again demonstrating how pitifully little they have learned from their dark and tragic past. Less than 80 years after the Munich Agreement they are negotiating ‘peace in our times’ by appeasing another totalitarian, genocidal ideology.

Video: Taliban strikes Afghan capital Kabul, kills 150 civilians

[Cover image courtesy ARD, YouTube]


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