While the 2018 Texas Senate race is slowly simmering on the backburner, fundraising and campaign efforts on the ground are in full swing. Beto O’Rourke, the young Democrat Congressman from El Paso has emerged as the only challenger to incumbent Sen. Cruz thus far.

Thanks to social media, O’Rourke landed on the radar of one of Hollywood’s most vocal left-wingers — Rosie O’Donnell. O’Donnell proudly tweeted her support for O’Rourke and boasted giving the max contribution to his campaign.

To which Ted Cruz responded:

And he’s right. Attempts to purple the hue of the Lone Star State are seldom homegrown and usually envisioned by coastal elites or political consultancies outside of Texas borders.

After President Obama won re-election in 2012, several of his former campaign hotshots organized Battleground Texas, a group with the goal of turning Texas blue. Taking the Obama for America (OFA) blueprint, they planned to work with local grassroots folk, register a boatload of voters, and with an amazing amount of (mostly out of state) funding, sweat equity, and patience, eventually turn Texas blue.

Millions of dollars later, the best out-of-state talent available and Battleground Texas has little to show for four year’s worth of work. Wendy Davis suffered an embarrassing loss to Governor Abbott in 2014, and the group is increasingly at odds with local Democrats.

Texans might slowly warm up to O’Rourke, and they might not, but if the past is an indicator, outside efforts are futile in the stubbornly red former Republic.

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