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Venezuela: Maduro Tells Trump To “get your pig hands out of here”

Venezuela: Maduro Tells Trump To “get your pig hands out of here”

Meanwhile, 50 days of anti-Maduro protests and nearly 50 deaths

As his starving citizens fight for toilet paper, basic medicines, and food staples like bread, Venezuela’s embattled and unpopular dictator tells President Trump to “get your pig hands out of here.”

CBS News reports:

Venezuela’s president delivered his most scathing critique of President Trump on Friday, telling him to stop intervening and “get your pig hands out of here.”

Speaking before a crowd of supporters, President Nicolas Maduro accused Mr. Trump of promoting an interventionist policy that infringes on his socialist government’s sovereignty.

“Go home, Donald Trump!” he said in heavily accented English.

The remarks come a day after the Trump administration slapped sanctions against eight members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court, accusing them of damaging the nation’s democracy. A ruling by the court in late March stripping the opposition-controlled assembly of its remaining powers ignited a deadly wave of unrest.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that protesters have engaged in 50 days consecutive days of protests and that nearly 50 people have been killed.

Massive demonstrations, violence and a rising death toll marked 50 consecutive days of anti-government protests in Venezuela.

. . . .Family and friends buried 15-year-old Francisco Guerrero, a boy who was killed late last week amid protests in Venezuela’s western state of Tachira.

At the cemetery, Guerrero’s coffin — draped in a Venezuela flag — was carried to his last stop on Saturday while a song with lyrics “they killed an innocent” were played.

The teen was at a market in an area where anti-government protests were happening when he was shot in the abdomen, according to Venezuela’s attorney general’s office.

. . . . Guerrero’s death is one of 48 protest-related deaths that the attorney general’s office is investigating.


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Pig hands? Maduro should read Animal Farm, because I am pretty sure which animal classification he falls under.

He did NOT say “pig hands”.

What he said was “Saca tus manos cochinas de aqui.”
That translates to “Get your dirty hands out of here.”

Finding Spanish-English bilingual people to translate is not difficult at all. I am (NOT?) surprised how easily everybody went with the “pig hands” story.

The people elected Socialists because they were promised free stuff. I remember Hollywood actors running there to praise the government. This is what Bernie Sanders would bring us, yet millions of people support him.