Venezuela’s socialist experiment has failed.  Spectacularly.  Lack of food, basic commodities like toilet paper, and medicine has resulted in a population that is on the verge of starvation and increasingly committed to removing failed president Maduro from office.  The latest protests have resulted, so far, in five protester deaths.

NPR reports:

Protests are mounting against embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, and the death toll is mounting too. As demonstrators braved a tropical storm on the streets of Caracas on Thursday, a 36-year-old died elsewhere of wounds he had sustained in other protests days earlier.

Opposition lawmaker Alfonso Marquina announced Gruseny Antonio Calderon’s death on Twitter, calling him “another victim of the dictatorship.”

Calderon is the fifth protester to die of injuries sustained in clashes with police since the latest round of protests kicked off roughly two weeks ago. According to authorities, others include a 13-year-old boy and two college-age students.

Despite the deaths, the recent unrest shows no sign of relenting. The Associated Press reports organizers had planned protests for more than 300 municipalities — calling for new elections and the removal of certain judges seen as overly friendly with Maduro’s regime — and demonstrations have even swelled to low-income areas of Venezuela’s capital city, where socialists have typically drawn their staunchest supporters.

And the AP notes that as security forces have turned to crowd-control devices such as tear gas, protesters have responded by “coming ready with goggles, vinegar-soaked rags and gas masks.”

. . . . “Those of us who are on our way out of this world have much to protest,” he told the Herald. “There’s no bread or medicine. In every corner of Venezuela, this socialist project has failed.”


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