As we’ve been discussing a lot lately, the media is in the middle of an attempt to bring down the Trump presidency. Call it a coup, a slow-motion coup, or whatever you want.

False stories and conspiracy theories are invented and rolled out daily based almost entirely on anonymous sources for the obvious purpose of freezing the administration, enabling corrupting leaks from the bureaucracy, and making it impossible to govern.

This permanent media hysteria is essential to Democratic Party strategy to prevent any legislative achievements, and to recapture a house of Congress in 2018.

Is this simply aggressive journalism, or something more? There’s a history here.

I haven’t watched a video of election night media reactions in a long time.

This video compilation explains so much.

(Language Warning)

The fix has been in since election night. The media doesn’t accept Trump’s electoral victory, it never did and it never will.

Any presumption of journalistic good faith was lost from the start.

Nothing Trump could have done or not done would ever change the way he was treated by the media.

Trump’s missteps and self-inflicted wounds, of which there have been many, are the tail on the dog. The dog is a media that considers Trump illegitimate, and wants him out of office.

Everything flows from that.