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This video explains current media coverage of Trump

This video explains current media coverage of Trump

Any presumption of journalistic good faith was lost on election night.

As we’ve been discussing a lot lately, the media is in the middle of an attempt to bring down the Trump presidency. Call it a coup, a slow-motion coup, or whatever you want.

False stories and conspiracy theories are invented and rolled out daily based almost entirely on anonymous sources for the obvious purpose of freezing the administration, enabling corrupting leaks from the bureaucracy, and making it impossible to govern.

This permanent media hysteria is essential to Democratic Party strategy to prevent any legislative achievements, and to recapture a house of Congress in 2018.

Is this simply aggressive journalism, or something more? There’s a history here.

I haven’t watched a video of election night media reactions in a long time.

This video compilation explains so much.

(Language Warning)

The fix has been in since election night. The media doesn’t accept Trump’s electoral victory, it never did and it never will.

Any presumption of journalistic good faith was lost from the start.

Nothing Trump could have done or not done would ever change the way he was treated by the media.

Trump’s missteps and self-inflicted wounds, of which there have been many, are the tail on the dog. The dog is a media that considers Trump illegitimate, and wants him out of office.

Everything flows from that.


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And they wonder why fewer people are watching…

    casualobserver in reply to Rusty Bill. | May 21, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    To be fair there are lots of reports that rhae anti-Trump rhetoric is an audience goldmine and so good for profits. At least the traditional hard left news outlets (cable) and shows like The View and Colbert’s show are making respective history. What may be eventually proven is that this is just a temporary and emotional reaction. At some point people may become fatigued. Being misled and listening to claims of fact that rarely pan out only gets attention for so long.

    4fun in reply to Rusty Bill. | May 21, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Actually Rusty, the viewers aren’t that important to them under the cable set up. Without ala carte pricing (which we’re assured would be much higher) any station in the cable packages gets paid regardless of viewers.
    I got rid of cable tv some years back and kept only internet.
    Didn’t miss tv at all from the day I made it go black.

I quit tv news programs for good about a month ago. Freed up a great deal of time, and I don’t miss it about.

Come to think of it, I don’t watch any networks, period. Netflix and amazon prime give me everything I want, every now and then I’ll see a title on BBC American that looks watchable. That’s about it.

Looking forward to getting a copy of Orson Welles overlooked 1965 masterpiece, “The Chimes at Midnight”. Hasn’t been available until very recently due to an ownership fight, may have been his best film ever. That’s worth watching, not any of the drivel that’s produced today.

    I ditched cable – and television in general – seven years ago. Radio, fourteen years. “Newspapers”, fifteen years. “News magazines”, twenty-five years.

    I don’t bother with streaming services (Netflix, etc.). I’ll occasionally watch a documentary on YouTube; otherwise, I stick with my extensive library of old movies and TV series. And my equally extensive collection of those old things… I think they’re called “books”…

This is the funniest thing ever!! And they wonder why we don’t believe or trust anything they say?? Hillary was a CORRUPT LIAR, and they are afraid of Trump???? These people are the haters they are claiming the right is…

practicalconservative | May 21, 2017 at 11:54 am

These hysterical, hyperbolic, hyperventilating harridans are having quite the tantrum. Poor Progressives… It will be very frustrating for the next four years.

President Trump is not going to resign. In fact your antics make him even more determined. Absent real evidence, there will never be 67 votes in the Senate to convict him.

So guess what snowflakes you are stuck with President Trump for the next 4 years. Lie on the floor and kick you feet.

Unbiased, objective journalism has never existed, except as wishful thinking. All journalistic organs and journalists have an agenda. Before WWII, we actually had competing journalistic organs. There were both conservative and liberal news organs, sometimes in the same town. People could tell which way a news story would slant simply by looking at the editorial page of the newspaper it was in. Following WWII, the journalistic profession attempted to “reinvent” itself by telling people that reporters were objective, when reporting the “news”, and that opinion was confined to op-ed pieces. This, of course, was a falsehood. Since the 1960s we have been treated to the horribly slanted news stories on just about everything. And, nearly always, the reporting has been slanted in favor of Liberal/Progressive/Democrat points of view. Reporting on the war in Vietnam was driven by anti-war views and was heavily negative with regard to US and RVN activities and neutral or positive with regard to the activities of NV. Except for the Miami market, national news reports ranged from favorable to slightly negative with regard to Fidel Castro. Even Khrushchev enjoyed neutral reporting, except when he butted heads with the golden boy of the Liberal/Progressives, JFK. Foreign dictators, of communist affiliation, have been either ignored or cast as aberrations and simply scoffed at. Even terrorist organizations such as Al Queda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the IRA, the Taliban, etc, get as much, or more, favorable press as they do negative press. In any racial issue, the media is always, yes ALWAYS, against the bulk of society and in support of a minority, no matter how small or violent. The press is largely unAmerican and has been for the last 50 years. America is EVIL, in their eyes.

With the election of Donald Trump, the media has simply dropped their disguises and are openly working against an elected President because he was elected for being openly pro-American. 50 years of journalists graduating from Ivy League journalism schools [the Ivy League being the epicenter of Progressivism in this country] and lesser schools headed and staffed by Ivy League journalism professors, has produced an industry which has nearly a homogenous viewpoint and ideological identity. And, a modern day nationalist revolution is anathema to them, For them, this means all out war. And, we see it every time we view or read the news. Even Fox news is sliding to the left. So, in journalism, it is back to the future. The rise of Yellow Journalism is upon us.

    MadisonS in reply to Mac45. | May 21, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Biased journalism has always existed, but it existed across the political spectrum. Major media markets used to have competing newspapers with competing biases and just not only left vs. right. In Chicago it as the “Trib” (the self-proclaimed world’s greatest newspaper) and American. In San Francisco it was the Chronicle and Examiner (William Randolph Hearst). I don’t know if the American even exist anymore, and the Examiner became a shell of its former self. Other major markets were most likely similar.

    One thing these papers had in common is that a front page story was more than a few paragraphs of AP news feed but an actual in depth analysis of the topic being discussed with the print bring carried over several pages. The Sunday edition of the front page took considerable time to read. Now I find the front section of papers like the SF Chronicle and LA Times to be no more than advertising space for Macy*s.

    I see the problem as one of media consolidation in the major media markets. Consolidation has also occurred at the national and global level. There are now only 5-6 global media companies which control control the local and national print and broadcast media.

    One example is Disney, a global company that owns ABC among other properties. It does not tale much viewing time to realize that ABC has blurred the distinction between news and entertainment. It seems it uses its prime time and late night programming to provide confirmation bias for its news programming.

    I believe at one time there was an FCC regulation that prevented a single entity from monopolizing a media market. It was intended to preserve diversity of thought and opinion.

    Walker Evans in reply to Mac45. | May 22, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    Well said, Mac!

If you want to laugh so hard that you piss yourself, read the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics and compare their standards to the behavior we’re seeing from the press today:

In most industries practitioners who operate unethically are fired. And in others they face prosecution. What price does an unethical journalist pay?

    Liz in reply to Paul. | May 21, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    If you took that list and reverse the intent,i.e. “don’t” instead of “do”, you could republish it as the professional democrat journalism code.

    M. Hemmingway wrote in the Federalist about how to evaluate stories out of the MSM –

    Here’s the first 5 points:
    “1. In the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong.
    2. Don’t trust anonymous sources. If democracy dies in darkness, anonymity is not exactly transparent or accountable. Unless someone is willing to to put his or her name with a leak, be on guard. Pay attention to how well the reporters characterize the motivations of the anonymous leaker. All leakers have motivation. Does the paper seem to have a grasp on how the motivation affects the veracity of the leak?
    3. If someone is leaking national security information in order to support the claim of a national security violation, be on guard.
    4. If someone is claiming a serious national security crisis but not willing to go public with the claim and resign in protest of same, be on guard.
    5. Compare sources willing to put their name and reputation on the line.”

I’ve heard Newt Gingrich using a new characterization for the Lib-

Has a nice ring of truth to it, no?

The media onslaught against Trump has certainly renewed my prayer life for the president. Try as I may, I could never muster the desire to pray for Obama having discerned him a tool in the hands of the enemy.

I’ve never been one to watch the news, much less read newspapers, news magazines, etc. I suppose it has to do with my simple world view – organizations and often individuals fall into one of two camps: creators or destroyers. The media are destroyers. To listen to them has always been upsetting to my spirit, soul and long term mental health.

The Dems cannot believe the smartest woman in the world could lose a rigged election! They are besides themselves.

Does it make me a bad person that I relish every second of this video? I was euphoric on election night, and I have to admit that the sobbing, whining hysteria from the LSM was the cherry on top.

“Everything flows from that.”

Analysis: True.

“The media are destroyers.”

Analysis: Half-True. Their mission is to destroy all non-leftists. When not devoting their time (certainly not their Lives, Fortunes or Sacred Honor – too cowardly for that) to this mission, they deify leftists. Explains everything.

Subotai Bahadur | May 21, 2017 at 3:01 pm

Yes, it is a slow motion coup, not just against Trump but also against the entire idea of consent of the governed.

Relatively unstudied, the process of a coup d’ etat is a very real thing in political science. I commend to everyone’s attention Edward Luttwak’s classic book “Coup d’ Etat”.

A key point is that there is a time limit on how long it can take. If it does not move rapidly enough, there will be retaliation. It is akin to the concept of “If you strike at a king, you had best kill him.”.

Having acted outside the social and political contract in attempting the coup, it would be irrational to expect that the consequences of a failed coup would be delivered exclusively by the due process protections and limited means of the system they have overturned. Think Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan.

Dejectedhead | May 21, 2017 at 4:17 pm

It’s amazing seeing the divide in America grow. We were separated by hills, then mountains, now we have continents separated by Oceans.

When Obama was declared winner of the 2008 election Chrissy “Tingles” Matthews said something to the effect that it is our duty as journalist to make sure Obama’s presidency is a success. More recently another prominent journalist said the duty of journalists is not the dissemination of facts but to lead people into what they should to believe.

Gremlin1974 | May 21, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Just take a moment and think about how sad it is that major media “source” for all of this wouldn’t even measure up to the “sources” used by the National Enquirer.

To be honest, Prof. with just a few exceptions, none of those people are “journalists”, and they don’t pretend to be.

They’re mostly just commentators and only deal in their opinions. They make no pretext of being reporters. Which is a good thing, because they are about the furthest thing from that.

inspectorudy | May 22, 2017 at 12:13 am

These people have so besmirched the word “Journalism” that it is pathetic. They still believe that it is their role to inform society of the evil in the Trump administration. We all know that isn’t
their job but they believe it is. With that in mind, I no longer watch any TV news or read the daily fish wrappers. In fact, some of my old standbys like HotAir and PJM are getting almost as bad as the msm networks. It appears that the managers of these sites look for ratings too. This is one of the few sites where I can go and see both sides of an issue and not feel dirty after reading the comments. Breitbart is going over the top with marginal articles and the comments are very insulting to anyone who isn’t a Trump worshiper. I’m rooting for him and with ALL of the msm against him, I think the middle of the road crowd will come to his side as well. The msm is going too far and the pendulum is about to start back. Now if only DJT would put down his phone…..

    Jackie in reply to inspectorudy. | May 25, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    I was at my Dentist yesterday and we both felt the same way. We started out not being crazy about Trump, Now we have become rapid supporters. The highly biased media. Unelected judges taking away presidential powers. The leaks from imbedded Trump haters. The absurd way Hillary was allowed to walk after breaking the law and of course the absurd Russia investigation. It doesn’t end.
    The left has pushed and pushed some more. They may have energized their base, but they have also made a lot of us totally sympathetic to Trump.

Had to shut this off halfway. Again. Tried watching this awful thing some four times and just cannot get through it. Because they’re all people I’ve actively avoided for years and with extreme prejudice all in one video being their worst. And now with it presented again, here of all places, and tried to watch again and fail again I can say without compunction to each of them, “DIE ALREADY!”

That is our separation.