Earlier this month, Joe Scarborough compared President Trump to his own mother, “who has had dementia for ten years.” Joe was back on his Trump-is-crazy beat on today’s Morning Joe.

After Mika cited a Washington Post article quoting an anonymous source who wondered whether President Trump “is in the grip of some kind of paranoid delusion,” Joe weighed in, saying he’s heard reports all weekend that “the president is running around, screaming at television sets. He’s increasingly isolated.” Joe then upped the ante, adding that there are “reports at his club that he’s going off, detached. Almost detached from reality.”

Bonus Coverage: Scarborough Calls Nikki Haley “Fundamentally Ignorant” of Constitution, Derides Tillerson as “Cowering, Sad and Pathetic”

Scarborough also took shots at two Trump cabinet members. He twice called UN Ambassador Nikki Haley “fundamentally ignorant” of our Constitution describing President Trump as the “CEO of the country.”

Scarborough also aimed a low blow at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, calling him “cowering,” “sad and pathetic.” Tillerson’s crime? Supposedly saying that he was “devoted to the president.” But as you’ll see in the video clip, Tillerson did not express personal devotion to the president. He said he was “devoted to helping the president achieve his objectives.” That’s a very different thing. Surely Scarborough would agree that everyone who serves in a presidential administration should be devoted to helping the president achieve his objectives.

Note: This attempt to cast President Trump as crazy is reminiscent of the way Soviet rulers would have political opponents diagnosed as insane for purposes of getting rid of them.

REX TILLERSON: I understand what his objectives are. When I’m not clear what his objectives are we talk about it. But I am devoted to helping the president achieve his objectives.

NIKKI HALEY: The president is the CEO of the country. He can hire and fire whoever he wants. That’s his right.

. . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The Washington Post report cites anonymous sources saying that “across Washington, Trump’s allies have been buzzing about the staff’s competence, as well as the president’s state of mind. One GOP figure close to the White House mused privately about whether Trump was “in the grip of some kind of paranoid delusion.” And we’ve heard reporting on this on several levels, in terms of him pacing around, screaming, watching television.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I’ve been hearing it all weekend. This is, Richard Haass, the only parallel, you good back to Nixon in ’74. All the reports I’ve been hearing out of the White House is the president is running around screaming at television sets, he’s increasingly isolated, basically wanting to fire everybody but Kushner.

. . .
He’s even at his club, reports at his club that he’s going off detached, almost detached from reality. And then you have, you have the ambassador to the United Nations calling him the CEO of the country. Fundamentally ignorant, fundamentally ignorant of our constitutional republic and the Constitution, the system that’s been put in place.

And Rex Tillerson cowering like he’s a caddy saying he’s, quote, devoted to the president. Cowering like a poor, pathetic — I can’t even say caddy because most caddies will talk back to you.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Perhaps “valet” is the word you’re looking for.

JOE: I don’t know what word I’m looking for, but it’s sad and pathetic that the Secretary of State feels like he has to say that he’s, quote, devoted to a president who is, again, shredding democratic norms every day.

MIKA: We need to get to Clapper.

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