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Palestinian groups call for “Day of Rage” to protest Trump visit to Israel

Palestinian groups call for “Day of Rage” to protest Trump visit to Israel

What’s that saying about never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity?

Donald Trump will be leaving Saudi Arabia overnight (Eastern time) and flying directly to Israel.

That direct flight itself is historic, since the Saudis do not allow flights directly to or from Israel.

One of his first stops in Israel will be the Western Wall, the holiest place at which Jews are permitted to pray. The holiest place is the Temple Mount.

As Prof. Miriam Elman has explained, Jews are not permitted to pray on the Temple Mount, where conquest mosques and monuments have been built on top of the ancient Jewish Temples. That prohibition is both theological and geo-political.

Israel apparently is boosting the pageantry that will greet Trump, after witnessing the grandeur with which Trump was feted in Saudi Arabia. If you’ve ever been to Israel, you know that “pageantry” is not its strength. Everything is very casual, to the extreme.

Not everyone, however, is happy that Trump is visiting. While Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority likely will try to put on an official welcome when Trump visits Bethlehem (which reportedly is on the itinerary, and is controlled by the PA), Palestinian political factions are preparing to protest Trump’s visit with a “Day of Rage.”

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reports, Palestinians call for ‘Day of Rage’ to protest Trump’s visit to the occupied territory:

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian factions in the central occupied West Bank city of Ramallah have called upon the Palestinian people to partake in a “Day of Rage” on Tuesday, during the planned visit by US President Donald Trump to the occupied Palestinian territory.

…  In a statement released Saturday titled: “A call for unity and assimilation with our brave prisoners,” Ramallah-based Islamist and nationalist factions urged the public to join rallies to express their rejection to the resumption of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel under US sponsorship.

The statement called for a three-hour strike on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and for a general strike on Monday in the occupied West Bank, the besieged Gaza Strip, and Israel, to coincide with Trump’s visit.

Members of the Higher Follow-up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel have affirmed their support for the strikes, initially called for by the Palestinian national committee set up to support a mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons that entered its 34th day on Saturday.

The hunger strike’s committee also called for activists in West Bank villages and rural areas to continue blocking off roads to traffic, particularly for Israeli settler vehicles, in an expression of solidarity for the hunger strike.

The hunger strike, you may recall, was organized by Marwan Barghouti, serving five life sentences for murder of Israelis. Barghouti was caught sneaking food during his hunger strike, which was caught on video.

An Israeli Arab political group is urging Israeli Arab citizens to joining the Day of Rage, focused on the hunger strike:

The Arab-Israeli Monitoring Committee, headed by former MK Mohammad Barakeh, announced a strike and a day of rage in the sector on Monday, in solidarity with the 35-day security prisoners’ hunger strike.

The strike will include businesses and public places, but not schools and medical services.

The demonstrators created a human chain from Megiddo Junction to Gilboa Prison….

The head of the monitoring committee Barakeh, said that the government wishes to break the hunger strike, but claimed the prisoners’ demands are reasonable….

“The aim of the strike is to show the world, and also the American president, Netanyahu’s attempts to market a normal life under occupation. It’s a complete lie. We must show the truth that after 50 years of occupation the Palestinian people have not surrendered and want to establish their state alongside Israel,” he continued.

He then added that Trump supports Israel’s refusal policy, and is therefore “not a fair mediator between the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

Iranian television is on the case:

Hamas, the Gaza-based terrorist group, is not happy with Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. Through its Twitter account (yes, it has a Twitter account), Hamas raged:

The Times of Israel reports that two hundred Hamas members in Israeli prison will join the hunger strike to coincide with Trump’s visit:

As US President Donald Trump arrives in Israel on Monday, some 200 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails plan to join an ongoing mass hunger strike that has seen hundreds of inmates refuse food for over a month.

Most of those who will join the hunger strike are members of terror group Hamas, Palestinian and Israeli sources told the Times of Israel Sunday….

Palestinians say some 1,600 inmates have kept up the fast since mid April, but Israel says the number has dropped to around 850.

What’s that saying about never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity?


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Yeah, we all know how the Palestinians are such a calm, level headed bunch the other 364 days of the year.. aw heck, let them have ONE day of rage.

    Old0311 in reply to HamiltonNJ. | May 22, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Then give then a nice napalm douche.

      JusticeDelivered in reply to Old0311. | May 22, 2017 at 11:17 am

      I think that we should join their day of rage by carpet bombing a no man’s land with fuel air bombs. The first pass should run along the border and far enough inside of Palestinian turf that no damage occurs in israel. If the resulting DMZ is not wide enough to stop future rage, widen it with another pass.
      I doubt that Palestinian’s are smart enough to stop their rage, so after all of Palestine has been cleared, Israel could start building settlements and bring prosperity to the region.

A *day* of rage? How old fashioned. Our press has been having six to seven months of it so far, with no end in sight.

Trump’s Muslim/Palestinian “peace partners”… how appropriate

Organized by the ny times?

The Friendly Grizzly | May 21, 2017 at 11:47 pm

MYbe, send them to Baltimore and give them room to destroy?

I thought “Days of Rage” only happened on days ending in a “Y”.

4th armored div | May 22, 2017 at 1:22 am

i love it – lets show potus how we want and deserve a reichlet
so we can live in peas 9chick peas ?) and harmoney –
that is Ha-(give me da)money.

i love it how they indicate that they only want a chew free
won state solution (give them some epsom salts,
maybe from the dead sea).

This is why we should be doing everything possible to help an actual people who want to rule and live in peace to..rule themselves and live in peace. We should be doing everything possible for the Kurds!

Leave these idiots on the “irrelevant to history” pile.

There was a time you could travel all over the West Bank and tens of thousands of Arabs came into Israel to work. The Palestinian economy was booming. Then came the intifada and the Arabs destroyed themselves.

tarheelkate | May 22, 2017 at 6:44 am

They could have had a state anytime these past twenty years or so if they were only capable of behaving like a people who want one. As Trump said in Riyadh, they worship death, not God.

‘A day of rage’? How can anyone tell the difference. If they want to attract attention, they should try ‘a day without violence’. It would be so bizzare that people might notice.

Is not Trump defined by his enemies?

    No, not anymore than white people being defined by black people or rich folks being defined by the poor.

      TX-rifraph in reply to NotKennedy. | May 22, 2017 at 9:19 am

      Behavior is analogous to skin color or wealth?

      A person chooses his or her behavior an is (or should be) accountable for that behavior. Skin color is assigned by God and wealth is the result of many factors. Neither is an excuse for behaving like a mindless animal, however.

What a great opportunity to break out a flame thrower.

Paul In Sweden | May 22, 2017 at 7:54 am

It has been said many times before; If the Arabs in the West Bank & Gaza really wanted to shock the world and call attention to themselves they could call for A DAY OF PEACE.

This “peace process” stuff is a joke. The only process going on is that which brow beats Israel into giving up land or other concessions for “peace”. The “Palestinians” are nothing more than disposable Arabs who are in place to act on behalf of the Arab world. There will be peace when Israel is allowed to defeat them utterly and completely.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Whitewall. | May 22, 2017 at 5:58 pm


    There never has been, and still isn’t a “Palestian” race, people, or country. They’re all just arabs…….

This response provides prompt support for the points DJT made in his speech yesterday. This will not be lost on the attendees of yesterday’s meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council, which comprises delegates from more than 50 Muslim countries. This speech was met with thunderous approval, both by the delegates and that very large Basket of Deplorables who watched it in the US.

The speech was reported beautifully here in another thread, but the text and video are provided here for those who missed it.

Speech and transcript at c-span

Transcript at Reddit

Day, Month, Year, Millennium…

…but who’s counting?

Centuries ago, the PLO ( Arabs) were put there to create conflict. Israel tried to help them economically. They sold the ” Goods,” and bought Rockets to rain down on Israel. They don’t want Peace. They teach their children, War & HATE.