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Mika: We Won’t Be Distracted by Trump Trip, Will Focus on Russia Investigations

Mika: We Won’t Be Distracted by Trump Trip, Will Focus on Russia Investigations

Mika on foreign trip keeping Trump away from his phone: “the child is busy in daycare right now”

The MSM is hating President Trump’s foreign trip. Why? Because it takes the spotlight off what they’d much rather be covering: the investigations back home into Russian involvement in the election. Yesterday, we witnessed a CNN host fretting that President Trump’s successful speech in Saudi Arabia might be “normalizing” him.

Now it’s Mika Brzezinski’s turn to insist that she won’t let Morning Joe be distracted by the foreign trip. On today’s show, when HuffPo‘s Sam Stein said that despite the investigations, people are “going about our business,” Mika jumped on him.

“To your point, Sam, that we’re going about our business, actually, we’re not [points to the MJ set.] We’re not sitting here on these pictures of Trump in Tel Aviv and going live and listening to every word they’re said [sic], we’re focused on what’s happening in Washington. Because what happens in the White House at this point impacts the world and this country. And the White House is in meltdown mode.”

Later, discussing how the foreign trip has kept President Trump away from his phone, Joe Scarborough quoted the NATO Secretary General saying that Trump has the “attention span of a child.” Mika said, “the child is busy at daycare right now.”

Note: the chyron in the screencap, “Trump’s metastasizing crisis” echoes Mika’s claim that the White House “is in meltdown mode.”

Note segundo: when Joe suggests that Trump should be kept busy playing with a toy, as Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL was, Mika says “or Benjamin Netanyahu.” Brzezinski thus dismisses the Israeli PM as a plaything.

SAM STEIN: It’s mind boggling. I keep thinking of the Saturday Night Live depiction of the Lester holt interview where he was like, “I got him? I got him?” And then he’s like, nothing matters. Because in any normal situation, any normal White House, these comments would be hugely consequential, scandalous. I mean, they kind of are here, but we’re going about our business.

. . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Okay, there’s a couple of things. There’s still the federal investigation into a person close to Trump inside the White House that we’ll get to in just a moment. And to your point, Sam, about we’re going about our business, actually, we’re not. We’re not sitting here on these pictures of Trump in Tel Aviv and going live and listening to every word they’re said [sic.] We’re focused on what’s happened in Washington. Because what happens in the White House at this point impacts the world and this country. And the White House is in meltdown mode.

. . .

MIKA: The problem is him alone in a room at the White House with his phone.


MIKA: And I say that with absolutely no humor. I’m just saying these trips keep him busy —

JOE: Mika, was it not the NATO Secretary General who was quoted as saying this president has an attention span of a child, of about 12 seconds. So yes.

MIKA: The child is busy at daycare right now.

JOE: Keep him busy with one of those things that Alec Baldwin, on Saturday Night Live.

MIKA: Or Benjamin Netanyahu.


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To be fair to MSNBC…ALL alphabet fake news outlets are doing this, not just them.

    kenoshamarge in reply to mailman. | May 22, 2017 at 11:41 am

    True that all the alphabet “news” folks are biased and opinionated jerks.

    However Mika and Joe, in their arrogant belief that what they think matters seem jerkier to me.

And lets not f8ck about…the kids (the fake news media) are throwing their toys out of the pram like babies because they lost the election and continue to lose to Trump 🙂

That’s all they are good for.
And too stupid to know it.

Shut up, Mika. You’ve obviously overestimated your value to anyone.

The mainstream and “independent” press is losing control of the narrative, and they are understandably anxious.

I live in CA and am surrounded by left-wing nuts and I don’t hear or see anyone talking about this issue anymore. That is probably what is “metastasizing”, the spreading boredom and disbelief over this issue. Trump is doing something historically epic and may break through the log jam in the ME and to the Mika-types, this is a distraction.

I was listening to KABC radio this morning, hardly a Trump-friendly station, and they were cataloguing the fake news problem going back long before Trump. “I can see Russia from my back porch” e.g. What were once comedy programs (SNL, Jon Stewart, the late night “Jimmies” have somehow become sources of “news”. THAT is what has metastasized, the public’s confusion over what is satire and comedy vs was is real news.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Pasadena Phil. | May 22, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    You know the Left is on it’s last legs, when they think comedy shows are important news outlets…..

Mika takes instruction from others, who are hostile and untruthful, and she does it for pay. There is a common, pungent, term for that kind of behavior.

kenoshamarge | May 22, 2017 at 11:46 am

They, Mika and Joe, will not be distracted by a “historic” event? As if what they say or do not say has any impact on anything.

After all, as Netanyahu said: “Never before has the
first foreign trip of the president of the United States included a visit to Israel.”

Trump may have a massive ego but he has nothing on these little putzes.

Trust isn’t something you regain when you want it and these people who decided they are going to be activists instead of journalists aren’t going to ever be seen as journalistics again. They are going to find out their power as so -called journalists and people giving some kind of credibility to what they are saying is what makes any news program run. They are venturing into Rush Limbaugh and talk radio ground without the format and thus in no man’s land.

    During the Obama administration, we called them “journ-O-lists”. I don’t see any reason to discontinue the term. 🙂

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Archer. | May 22, 2017 at 5:49 pm

      Do you recall how the Leftist Journolisters colluded to fost Obama upon the U.S. in 2008, and to continued to crook and cook things up for Obama? They even lobbied for him to get a Nobel Peace Prize before he had even done a single bit of work as President.

      Obama = worst president evah!

We won’t be distracted by the blithering idiots at MSNBC. We will continue to focus on relevant news here at Legal Insurrection.

Mika: We’re not sitting here on these pictures of Trump in Tel Aviv and going live and listening to every word they’re said [sic.] We’re focused on what’s happened in Washington.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who listens to this and hears, “We’re not watching or reporting on Trump doing his job as President. We’re going to cover the fake news instead.”

They don’t want to cover Trump doing exactly what he’s supposed to do as President — in this case, establish or continue diplomatic relations with allies or potential allies. No, they want to cover the (non-)scandals, report the fake news, and run their little tantrum-ish “coup” against the sitting President.

It’s just nice to see they’re finally admitting it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again: Eventually the constant baseless accusations will cross the line into libel/slander/defamation. At some point, it doesn’t matter that Trump is a political/public figure or that they’re journalists; a reasonable person would realize the accusations are baseless and stop reporting them — so the MSM must be either unreasonable or malicious.

At that point, I don’t believe Trump is the type to just let it slide.

inspectorudy | May 22, 2017 at 12:58 pm

What is amazing about this episode with these two talking asses is that they are way behind most citizens in that the Russian “Thing” is dead. If the people who started the first probe back in the middle of 2016 cannot produce anything, where do these idiots expect the new info to come from? Did they really expect Flynn to go before the Senate committee with no protection of prosecution? Would any of the spineless Senators do the same? If they are truly seeking the truth then immunity must be on the table. But we all know they are not seeking the truth. They only want distractions from the investigations of the obama treachery against the American public. The difference between a pro and an amateur is knowing when what you are saying cannot be walked back. These two just proved that they are indeed amateurs.

Ooooh, what a pioneer—Mika won’t be tricked into covering the news, she’ll wallow in her fantasies instead.

Maybe the Leftoids should go back to relying on focus groups. They really need something to tell them how ridiculous they sound.

Or maybe they’re just plowing ahead because it’s all they have.

Trump is doing something very unusual on this trip; he’s actually saying something, rather than just giving the standard visiting politician speech which says little more than “nice to be here, the food at the banquets is great, wish my Mom could see me now.” That makes him a dangerous man; he’s going “off-script” and so is out of their control.


healthguyfsu | May 22, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Explain to me what you are remaining focused on absent new information??

There’s focus and obsession…the line is not that fine and easy to draw in the media.

Well, of course they won’t.

Morning Joke and Meeka — soon to be sat on by Kim Dot Com.

Who really cares what Mika and Joe think, do or say. OK, morons might.

Of course, Joe has to agree with Mika or he sleeps on the couch.