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Middlebury Students to Protest Discipline of Classmates Over Mob Attack

Middlebury Students to Protest Discipline of Classmates Over Mob Attack

“demand the administration change the college handbook”

It isn’t clear at this point that the students who were disciplined faced any serious punishment but other students at Middlebury are planning to protest.

Ashe Schow writes at the Federalist:

Middlebury Students Vote To Protest Discipline Of Charles Murray Protesters

Even as Middlebury College administrators investigated students who were disruptive and violent against libertarian social scientist Charles Murray, the school’s student government expressed its sentiments that penalizing their behavior is unjust.

On Monday, the Middlebury administration announced it had disciplined 30 students so far for their actions during the Murray event. Students had stood up and shouted to prevent Murray from speaking. When he was moved to a different location, along with professor Allison Stanger, who was set to ask him tough questions about his books, students banged on the windows and pulled fire alarms, which shut off the talk’s livestream.

When Stanger and Murray left the building, students surrounded them and further antagonized Murray, resulting in an injury to Stanger that required a neck brace. They also beat on their car’s windows, rocked the car, and threw a stop sign with a heavy concrete base in front of the car as Stanger and Murray attempted to leave the tumult.

But on April 12, more than a month after the attack on Murray and Stanger and after Middlebury began investigating more than 70 students for their behavior (the school is still working on disciplining the remaining students), the student government voted to demand the administration change the college handbook and not punish students who violated the original.


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And I have been blaming the stench wafting into NY from Addison Co. VT on the cows. It must be the unwashed elites attending Middlebury College.

Sounds to me more like a badge of courage than discipline.