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Middlebury: Unspecified Disciplinary Action Taken Against Students Over Mob Attack

Middlebury: Unspecified Disciplinary Action Taken Against Students Over Mob Attack

“may have violated student handbook policies”

The supposed disciplinary actions were taken over the mob incident when Charles Murray visited the school. If Middlebury wants to be taken seriously, they should release specific details.

Ashe Schow writes at The Federalist:

Middlebury Takes Unspecified ‘Disciplinary Action’ On More Than 30 Students Over Charles Murray Fiasco

Middlebury College in Vermont announced that it has disciplined more than 30 students for their actions during a campus riot on March 2 against libertarian social scientist Charles Murray. The school said it had identified “more than 70 individuals” who may have violated student handbook policies.

“We are almost halfway through with the investigation and disciplinary process and we hope to bring it to a close by the end of the academic year in mid-May,” the announcement says. The school said it would not comment on what disciplinary action it has taken until the disciplinary process is complete, so the public won’t know for months whether students have been given slaps on the wrist or stronger sanctions.

The school also said it found “no unambiguous evidence that any member of the Middlebury College faculty violated faculty policies in regard to their actions on March 2.”

On that day, Murray was scheduled to speak. Protesters arrived ahead of time, angry that he wrote a book in 1994 (before most of the protesters were born) that deals with human intelligence, including noting statistical differences in average intelligence among various races. Murray has attempted on multiple occasions to explain this part of the book, and has publicly welcomed questions on this topic to dispute claims that he is racist.


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