Yesterday, The Washington Post caused mass hysteria when it released a report that President Donald Trump provided highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador. Of course the publication used anonymous sources.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster denied the story through a written statement and in front of the press. Then today he went before the press again and told reporters that Trump did not compromise any sources or methods to the Russians. He described the discussion as “wholly appropriate.”

McMaster starts the conference by saying that Trump will speak to leaders of Muslim countries to confront radical Islam. He continues to describe his visit to Israel.

McMaster stands by his denial of the WaPo story and the premise of the article is false. Our national security is at risk when those violate confidentiality. Trump did not say anything inappropriate or violate our national security.

He again tells the press that the discussion was “wholly appropriate” and was standard info discussed with heads of states working together. He is also not concerned that others will start withholding information from us.

McMaster reminds the press that Tillerson and Powell were in the room as well and no one thought the information was inappropriate. He also said that it’s “wholly appropriate for the president to share whatever information necessary to advance the security” of our country.

The information he talked about was about operations already going on and known to the public.

The president in NO WAY compromised sources or methods during the conversation with the Russians.

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