The anti-Trump fervor we’ve been documenting is not limited to college campuses, the mainstream media, and well-organized and -funded leftist organizations.  The unhinged hatred for our president most recently manifested at California’s Democratic Party Convention where its chairman, John Burton, raised his middle finger and lead a chant of “F*%! Donald Trump.”

The Sacramento Bee reports:

The anti-Trump fervor at California’s Democratic Party convention this weekend can be summarized in choice words from outgoing chair of the California Democratic Party, John Burton: “F*%! Donald Trump.”

The always foul-mouthed Burton, 84, stood before thousands of Democratic delegates at Saturday’s general assembly and as a rallying cry asked the crowd to join in. He then shoved two fists in the air, flipping the bird. Across the room at the Sacramento Convention Center, others onstage and in the audience followed suit.

Onstage were House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, Rep, Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, state Sen. Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, and others.


Fox News notes:

Perhaps more remarkable was the eager willingness of the crowd to join in with him, chanting, while House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Obama’s Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis looked on, laughing it up in the background.

. . . . Democrats view Trump as deplorable, irredeemable, and therefore no insult is too great (Just watch all the most recent “Saturday Night Live” cold-opens), no threat is too bold (Violence Against Trump Supporters the New Normal), no violent imagining too far-fetched (Madonna calls for burning down the White House), and, of course, no commentary too lewd or crass for general consumption (see above).

Seeing Democrats behave like this is becoming very commonplace. Remember Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) grabbing a bullhorn at Logan Airport and pledging to “fight shoulder to shoulder” with the anti-Trump mob?