As the prof so clearly explained, the progressive outrage at President Trump’s refugee executive order is rooted in lies, more lies, and . . . yes, still more lies (the partial stay not withstanding as most of the EO stands).  Not content with their failed Occupy, BLM, and “women’s march,” they are now organizing to disrupt travel and otherwise make complete . . . erm, spectacles of themselves.  After all, nothing turns public opinion quite as quickly as loud, obnoxious, mis- and ill-informed lefties clogging up one’s travel plans.

The protesters, protesting President Trump’s non-existent “Muslim ban,” swarmed airports in Democrat strongholds on the coasts.

Luckily, progressive lawyers are on the job, trolling international airports for Muslims banned by Trump.

Elizabeth Warren, her popularity plummeting in Massachusetts, has latched onto this fake news and “joined” the protesters.

Listen to Warren and her robot troops fall back on the Occupy “human microphone” that caused so much hilarity.

I didn’t see any “up twinkles,” though. Disappointing. They did do a nice fist pump gesture that I’m sure has some meaning . . . .

Anyway, Uber stands to win in NYC.



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