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Anti-Trump Protesters Swarm Airports After Refugee Executive Order

Anti-Trump Protesters Swarm Airports After Refugee Executive Order

More Planned on Sunday

As the prof so clearly explained, the progressive outrage at President Trump’s refugee executive order is rooted in lies, more lies, and . . . yes, still more lies (the partial stay not withstanding as most of the EO stands).  Not content with their failed Occupy, BLM, and “women’s march,” they are now organizing to disrupt travel and otherwise make complete . . . erm, spectacles of themselves.  After all, nothing turns public opinion quite as quickly as loud, obnoxious, mis- and ill-informed lefties clogging up one’s travel plans.

The protesters, protesting President Trump’s non-existent “Muslim ban,” swarmed airports in Democrat strongholds on the coasts.

Luckily, progressive lawyers are on the job, trolling international airports for Muslims banned by Trump.

Elizabeth Warren, her popularity plummeting in Massachusetts, has latched onto this fake news and “joined” the protesters.

Listen to Warren and her robot troops fall back on the Occupy “human microphone” that caused so much hilarity.

I didn’t see any “up twinkles,” though. Disappointing. They did do a nice fist pump gesture that I’m sure has some meaning . . . .

Anyway, Uber stands to win in NYC.



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Here are some FACTS about “TRUMP’S MUSLIM BAN.”

1. It’s not a “BAN.” It’s a 120 day suspension in the processing of visas, intended to give the government time to emplace better vetting procedures.

2. It’s not directed at “MUSLIMS.” It is directed at all individuals, Muslim or non-Muslim, from 7 designated countries. Approximately 90% of the world’s Muslims are totally unaffected.

3. The countries were not put on a list BY TRUMP. In fact, these countries were designated by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.


But let’s not let FACTS get in the way of feeling outraged!

This is going to be interesting. If flight delays are caused by this, it is not going to work very well for the protesters. Most people just want to get to see their family or travel for business. Have to say, one week of excitement. Sadly, it is the media and sore losers that are going to get people hurt by creating chaos.

The sight of a United States Senator, megaphone in hand, encouraging a mob, is conduct unbefitting of her office. Her actions reflect poorly on her Office and the entire United States Senate. Senator Warren has a much more powerful megaphone as a United States Senator. There is no need to pander.

    rpjkw11 in reply to sequester. | January 29, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Not just any mob, but one of those “rent-a-mobs” we’ve grown to love and laugh at. Amazing how quickly libertards and Soro’s paid protesters come out of the word work, like cockroaches, once the “tree” is lit.

Oh boy! TSA AND screaming liberals in the same airport!

Enjoy your flight.

    snopercod in reply to rinardman. | January 29, 2017 at 10:10 am

    …and CNN blaring from all the TV monitors!

    Yes, I still have to take off my shoes and belt, granny may still get strip searched, and we got rid of the annoying albeit peaceful Moonies selling flowers. So, why are these riotous demonstrations allowed in or even near the airports?

      Valerie in reply to Hank. | January 29, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Riotous demonstrations are allowed where local government instructs local law enforcement to stand down. In San Diego, for example, there were few, if any injuries and little property damage connected with the Trump rallies because the police had a plan, were out in force, and shut down the disturbances. In Oakland, the usual Oakland thing happened.

      Something similar was true of the OWS demonstrations, as well.

Exactly how many people were turned away from entry vs having to deal with a bit more review, such as GC holders having the information checked.

I’ve never seen a green card, but I do have my US Passport. So, how easy is it to fake a green card and more important, how lax was the review for people to get through with these cards?

Because of the disruptions, how many people were subjected to delays to get home? If the most impact were at the international terminals, were people traveling from European nations( who are dealing with a bunch of refugees) upset with the US actions or where they thinking that the US is doing something right?

Week one of the Trump administration. WOW!
The country is already tired of the whining left who has
had a “protest” most everyday.

Each time we are told it’s the end of the world.

Isn’t interfering with flights and airports a fed crime? Is this not terrorism? How about interfering with a federal law enforcement official with doing their duties? Conspiracy? Civil insurrection? That is just the fed statutes. The airlines are going to have to suspend flights from all points from all over the world if passengers cannot exit airports. And flights both domestic and international leaving if airports are closed due to riots. Is Trump going to get his Reagan (Patco strike) moment this early?

I was looking through the WH website and found this document about the President’s first week. It’s about five pages long, when printed. I hope they continue these summary pages.

I was unaware of a few things on the list, but they dealt with actions at the staff or department level.

This idiocy will continue to happen for a few more weeks, mainly in the Democrat strongholds. The effect, IMO, will not be the one they expect. The rest of the country is watching and making up their minds in silence.
I believe there will be a long term effect for all the idiotic protesting and rioting: more Republican seats in 2018, another 4 years in 2020.

That seems a pretty well-balanced treatment of the whats-what here. Note the numbers and charts.

I find Trump too cautious.

I want a muslim ban.

As of January 1, 1998, or the day before the first 9-11 attacker was granted a visa for flight school….

I remember their forms weren’t properly completed. They fell threw the rotten floor of our “vetting procedure.”

Soros created hysteria.
MSM pumped hysteria.
Democrat exploited hysteria.

More good, balanced stuff from those “stupid squishes” who are smarter by quanta than their h8ters…


Is there a Warren 2020 website yet? I want a tee shirt.

we flew thru SeaTac… sunday morning was not impacted. I’m guessing the Anarchist protesters tend roll out of bed at the crack of noon.