At what point do we admit as a country that we have a problem on college campuses? People who reject the protection of free speech for all don’t belong in college.

Jonathan Turley writes:

Berkeley Student Leader Denounces Campus Police As Triggering and Rejects Free Speech Protections For Speakers Like Ann Coulter

We have been discussing the alarming erosion of free speech on our campuses and the increasingly twisted view of free speech by students calling for speech codes and regulations. At the same time, we have been campus police denounced as being a “triggering” element on campuses (Here and here).

Both trends were evident this month at the University of California at Berkeley, including the alarming published comments of a student senator, Juniper Angelica Cordova-Goff. Cordova-Goff denounced the large presence of campus police to deal with the protests as triggering while reaffirmed that free speech should not protect speakers who she views as part of a “violent conversation” like conservative Ann Coulter.

The comments appeared in a Sunday piece by the student-run publication, The Daily Californian, discussing the increased security measures to deal with protests. Prior protests led to property destruction and assaults. Cordova-Goff objected that the police’s “continued, heightened presence re-traumatizes students who come from communities with complicated relationships to the state.” She added that “I do not think campus safety must rely on the police. I think (UCPD) must be active in recognizing the trauma their presence alone brings to some students and work to limit visibility while remaining an open resource to those who choose to use it.”