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A look at the “Bill Nye” quadrant of scientific research!

A look at the “Bill Nye” quadrant of scientific research!

He blinded me with nonsense.

The last time we check in on Bill Nye, the “Science Guy”, he was addressing a large crowd at the nation’s capital as part of the nationwide #MarchForScience. It’s a good thing that his being old, white, and male did not prevent him from leading the anti-Trump, climate alarmism hysterics!

Interestingly, some of his once-stated scientific theories, discussed during his long-running program for kids that made him a science icon, have undergone a political climate change!

Last week The Federalist reported on an illuminating segment from a mid-1990s episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” that clashes directly with modern transgender ideology. It appears that someone cut this segment from a re-release of the episode.

In the clip reported on by The Federalist, pulled from the January 19, 1996 episode of the series, a young woman explains that “inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl.” She goes on to explain how we all receive sex chromosomes from both parents, leading to a fertilized egg’s 50/50 chance of being a boy or a girl.

This clashes directly with Nye’s current feelings on sex: in a recent episode of his new Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” Nye claims that the “male and female” binary is “more like a kaleidoscope.” Instead of the simple XX and XY combinations, Nye asserts that “we see more combinations than that in real life.”

“What makes someone male or female,” Nye says, “isn’t so clear-cut.”

It appears that videotape has as long a memory as the internet!

There seems to be obvious deterioration in Nye’s ability to apply logic, reason and discretion in his public statements. For example, on his Netflix show (Bill Nye Saves the World) pondered the possibilities of punishing people who choose to have large families in developed countries.

Travis Rieder, a bioethicist at Johns Hopkins University, told Mr. Nye it was a good idea.

“I do think that we should at least consider it,” he said.

“Well, ‘at least consider it’ is like ‘do it,’” Nye replied.

I guess Nye wants to save the world for everyone else except those enjoying a Western lifestyle.

Professor Jacobson has been discussing the new “Cultural Revolution” on campuses across the country, which includes the harassment of instructors who do not tow the progressive line on a wide array of hot, cultural topics. Mike LaChance reported on one of the victims of this revolution, Judith Curry.

Curry is a respected climatologist and was once chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She resigned after being harassed and pilloried academically for the thought crime of questioning the accuracy of obviously flawed climate models.

In response to a recent discussion on her blog, a reader offered a new take on Pasteur’s Quadrant (assessing use-inspired basic research):

Curry expanded upon this graphic:

… [H]ere are other attributes of this quadrant:

  • Second order belief – allegiance to consensus. Individual has not done primary research on the relevant topic or has not conducted an independent assessment of the evidence and research.
  • Shutting down scientific debate; science as dogma
  • Alarmism as a tactic to influence the public debate
  • Political activism and advocacy for particular policy solutions
  • Scientism: a demand that science dictate public policy
  • Advocacy research

…The scariest thing about this quadrant is that this is the quadrant of science that is driving the media and public debate.

As “Nye Quandart” is now refuting the chromosomal aspect of gender and is seriously discussing population control, it is very scary indeed. To paraphrase a famous Thomas Dolby song of the 1980’s: He blinded me with nonsense.


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Anyone arrogant enough to have a show titled “Bill Nye Saves the World” is just asking to be humbled. Not by man, mind you, but by a God who will not be mocked. Reminds me a little of Obama’s messianic speech where he promised to lower the tides and heal the planet. We know how that turned out. Eight years of incompetency and ineptitude. But, hey, he was great on Fallon and Kimmel….

Ragspierre | May 3, 2017 at 8:59 am

So interesting. According to the Gorebal Climate Thingy druids working for the government, March was the “warmest evah”.

So now what…???

What they really mean is, “White people need to stop having children.”

    As he and the other “scientists” happily parade around proclaiming that the “Science is settled” on global warming.

    Good rule of thumb: Any “scientist” who claims on any topic that “the science is settled,” just demonstrated that they don’t understand the first thing about science; they’ve forgotten that the scientific method is a cycle, not a path. There is no destination or conclusion. It doesn’t end.

    The only thing “settled” about real science, is that it’s never settled.

    4fun in reply to JohnC. | May 3, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    The season finale of pop scientist Bill Nye’s new Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World” suggested that the government should punish people who have too many children, for the sake of the environment.

    “The average Nigerian emits 0.1 metric tons of carbon annually,” noted Nye’s guest, Dr. Travis Rieder. “How many does the average American emit? Sixteen metric tons.”

    Rieder said Americans having an average of two children are “waaaay more problematic” than Nigerians having seven when it comes to preventing global warming.

    “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asked.

    “I do think we should at least consider it,” Rieder said.

    Nye pushed him even further.

    “Well, ‘at least consider it’ is like, ‘do it,'” he opined.

    The other two guests pushed back, however, pointing out that what Nye and Rieder were proposing came dangerously close to the eugenics policies of America’s past, which ending up disproportionately targeting poor women and minorities.

“What makes someone male or female,” Nye says [today], “isn’t so clear-cut.”

As he and the other “scientists” happily parade around proclaiming that the “Science is settled” on global warming.

HamiltonNJ | May 3, 2017 at 9:58 am

“Follow me on Twitter” LOL
That chart made my morning. Thank you.

The Ministry of Truth considers Nye useful tool. A prerequisite for that position is to be a soulless fraud with bonus points for being a fool with no self-respect. When a leftist labels something as “science,” you know it is not. “Science Guy” — I know the “science” part is BS and apparently he is not sure himself about the “guy” part.

buckeyeminuteman | May 3, 2017 at 12:19 pm

“If you can’t dazzle them with your knowledge, baffle them with your bullshit.”