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What You Missed at the #MarchForScience

What You Missed at the #MarchForScience

Most logical sign? “No science, no beer.”

With the mainstream media generating #FakeNews, ginning up anger at President Donald Trump, and indulging in climate change alarmism, thousands of Americans rallied at local “March For Science” events around the nation on Saturday.

Bill Nye, an engineer and educator known as “the science guy” through his appearances on television, spoke to thousands of enthusiastic marchers in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, declaring that science serves everyone and must be for all.

“Today we have a great many lawmakers, not just here, but around the world, deliberately ignoring and actively surpassing science,” he told the crowd of scientists, students and research advocates at the National Mall, according to Variety. “Their inclination is misguided, and in no one’s best interest.”

Nye, who served as an honorary co-chair for the March for Science, chided lawmakers who ignore scientific research in areas like climate change and railed against the Trump administration’s proposed budget cuts.

It’s good to see that Nye was actually able to speak. There was a report that the science entertainer was too white and too male to be a spokesman for this event.

And while the March for Science was touted as non-partisan, it was very clear to see which way the political winds were blowing. Odd theme hats apparently have become a requirement for anti-Trump protests. January’s “March for Women” had Pussy Hats; the March for Science had “Brain Hats“.

The attendance at these rallies was impressive:

• More than a thousand people marched peacefully in the streets of Gainesville, Fla. “We’re scientists, so we’re orderly,” said Pati Vitt, a plant scientist at the Chicago Botanic Garden in town for work at the university.“We let the signs do the talking.”

• In Asheville, N.C., several hundred people from various parts of Western North Carolina gathered for a local march.Two brothers from Hickory, N.C. said they drove back from spring break with their family a day early to participate in the march. Brian Schoellner, 11, said he is here for the national parks. “I love animals and want parks to stay around for years to come,” he said.

• In Chicago, some 40,000 marchers turned out for a festive protest on Columbus Drive featuring a brass band whose members wore white lab coasts, the Chicago Tribune reports.

• Hundreds of people braved pouring rain in Nashville to march through city streets and chant “science, not silence.”

• Nearly 450 people turned in Green Bay for an event that was both social and a matter of raising social awareness, said Cassandra Erickson of De Pere, cofounder of United We Stand Brown County. “We have a good time together, and we’re raising awareness, letting people know we care about science, care about facts, care about the future of this land and water we share,” she said.

• Hundreds in Titusville, Fla., echoed that chant. “Science is inspiring and all encompassing,” said event co-organizer Carla Bourtis, who said she holds multiple degrees from Florida Institute of Technology and has worked at NASA as a wildlife biologist.

While I do not agree with the premise of this event, I must admit the some of these signs were far superior to any I have seen at other anti-Trump demonstrations.

And my personal favorite:

Finally, I think the very best aspect of all these events was the lack of aging rock stars threatening President Trump and B-list actresses reading menstrual poetry.

What is the likely impact of the “March for Science”? About the same as that of “March for Women”.


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You don’t suppose that Soros owns Fitbit and all those marchers are just trying to get in their 10,000 steps. Probably not, they are probably just nuts. Lucky thing they aren’t as annoying to the government as the Bonus Marchers.

Charles Murray is a scientist. Just sayin’.

Love love love the signs. Could not care one bit less about the commentary.
Spring brings out the fun times………..and I have only pity for those who find something sinister about just about everything.

Interesting how the Left cries “Science!” in order to promote their positions, but when their own ‘scientists’ come forward with a conclusion that cannot be replicated by using a model that they refuse to publish, while feeding it data that has been adjusted to the point of absurdity while hiding the original numbers and ‘accidentally’ losing them when pressed, the pre-ordained conclusions they come up with are more important than the twisted and non-scientific method they use to reach them.

Global Warming is real. Otherwise, I could look out my window and see glaciers. Man’s contribution to the effect is nearly nil, and to spend *trillions* of dollars to stop a tiny fraction of a degree of climate change is beyond stupid.

And to the Leftists who still believe, I would like to say thank Glod for the first caveman who discovered fire, or we’d still be frostbound. (snerk)

    Global Warming is real.

    Ah, ah, (wagging finger)

    Global Climate Change is real. The temperature can go up, AND it can go DOWN. And it DOES.

    All things considered, if you look at the REALLY long term temperature data, we’re not even NEAR peak temperature for the planet.

    You want to look at it long-term, over the last 800 thousand years, mean temperature has been -8 C degrees cooler, with spikes to today’s temperatures approximately every 50 thousand years or so over a few hundred to few thousand year period. We just happen to be at the TOP of a spike right now. if the pattern holds, in 5-thousand years or so, it’s going to start cooling off REALLY, REALLY fast.

    If you want to look at it REALLY, REALLY long term, over the last FIVE MILLION years, for an early period of about 2 MILLION years, the planet was, on average, +1 C HOTTER than it is today. I seem to remember from my studies that the Carbon and “Greenhouse” gasses in the atmosphere were also about what they are today (the Pliocene epoch).

What’s the over/ under on the “carbon footprint” created by the marchers?

That “brain hat” is cool. I’ll have a size 2XL, please; but only if I can get it in gray.

    Another Ed in reply to tom swift. | April 25, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    What is called a pink “brain hat” lacks bilateral symmetry and instead reminds me of a pile of intestines. We know what those are full of.

No Science, No Beer

That is technically true. If there were no scientist 6,000-ish years ago, then it would have taken until a scientist came along to develop beer.

Since it WAS invented, and the knowledge of brewing has spread, you no longer need a “scientist” to create beer. You just need someone who can read and follow (rather simple) directions to build the equipment, add the ingredients and perform the brewing.

I’d love someone closer to the pulse of this to weigh in, but there is often little love between science departments and the larger universities.

The science departments pull in huge grants and endowments yet get treated by the head staff the same (or less) than womyn’s studies.

Bill Nye was fun in 1985 as an occasional guest on Robin and Maynard. Not once since.

In real life I hear he is pretty much a condescending dick that treats people around him like morons.

He must have a hell of an agent.

nordic_prince | April 24, 2017 at 12:17 pm

Good grief – did he really say people are “surpassing science,” or did he mean “supressing science”?

Either way, Nye is one of those morons that evidently make up the universe.

For everyone who’s not an actual scientist that “loves” science, science is a religious following. Believing whatever you read and ignoring biases or agendas is no different regardless of the source.

Char Char Binks | April 24, 2017 at 2:30 pm

I freakin’ love science! Now, let us pray for the intercession of Saint Rachel Carson and Saint Barry Commoner while we burn incense and form a drum circle for the spiritual health of Mother Gaia .

Best comment I saw this weekend was:

Headed over to watch people who say gender has nothing to do with anatomy or genetics protest that conservatives are anti-science.

Did anyone ask these folks what exactly they mean by “science”? Or, better still, what they mean by “science denier”?

But they’re not political.

So one protester came to Florida to work for the National AERONAUTICS AND SPACE Administration… as a wildlife biologist? Perhaps looking for life on Mars.

PS And lest we forget the founder of Earth Day (scam artist and convicted murderer Ira Einhorn), its roots in the eugenics movement, and other trivia: