Is Joy Reid going to rap DNC Chairman Tom Perez on the knuckles for failure to abide by her anointed nomenclature? As we noted this past weekend, MSNBC host Reid reprimanded Republican Katon Dawson for speaking of the “Democrat” party. She warned Dawson that “we’re going to have a talking-to,” she instructed him, “we say ‘Democratic’ on this show.”

Perez appeared on Morning Joe and CNN this morning to discuss yesterday’s congressional primary in Georgia. And—ruh-roh—Perez twice spoke of the “Democrat” party! On Morning Joe, he said, “we’re building a Democrat National Committee whose mission is not simply to elect the President of the United States.” And later, on CNN, Perez said, “the Democrat party, we have to walk and chew gum.”

So, should Perez anticipate being called on the carpet by Reid and given a lesson in proper Democrat[ic]-speak?

Note: later in the CNN interview, Perez did twice speak of the “Democratic” party. Maybe Joy got a call into the CNN set.

Note segundo: it is kind of odd that Perez would speak of the “Democrat” National Committee. Its official name is the Democratic National Committee, and Perez is the Chair, after all.

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