A Twitter account called @everytrumpdonor is posting the names, locations, amount donated, and field of employment of Trump donors.

Yes, political donations are public record, easily searchable on FEC sites, but why tweet how private citizens donated? What’s the point?

The account tweets the information about one donor every hour or two, effectively blasting private citizen information in direct connection with President Trump. Featured in the profile is a link to a beta FEC data site, not yet live, presumably reiterating the public nature of this kind of information.

A local news outlet in Tampa Bay found the account and answered questions from concerned residents.

Surely there’s a comparable account for Hillary donors, right? RIGHT?! There are two that I found, but, neither of them has ever tweeted.

I’m so sick of the whole “imagine if Democrats did this” trope, but imagine if someone began tweeting the names and locations of Hillary donors, that might be considered unfair targeting of private citizens because of their political leanings.

This type of public announcement becomes particularly concerning in the current OUTRAGE ALL THE THINGS climate where agreeing to disagree has been traded for witch hunts for “wrong” thinking. People have lost their jobs, suffered property vandalization, and assault for who they supported in the last election. @everytrumpdonor isn’t just sharing public information, it’s imperiling the private citizenry for their political beliefs.

Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

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