Grits and biscuits were (indirectly) banned by the Obama administration’s desire to dictate what schools could serve their students, and Southern schools are now hoping that President Trump will ease the strict guidelines and allow them to serve these cultural culinary staples of the South.

Fox News reports:

When President Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, we had no idea he was secretly plotting to ban biscuits and grits.

The 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act strictly limited calories, fat, salt, sugar and just about everything else that makes food edible – including grits.

“We could originally serve half whole grains but that changed in 2012 when we had to start serving 100 percent whole grains,” said Stephanie Dillard, the child nutrition director for Geneva County Schools in Alabama.

That meant no more grits.

“And grits are a staple in the South,” Ms. Dillard told me. “Students really want to eat their grits.”

Grits, for those of you who may not know, are made from ground corn boiled in water, and are often served swimming in butter and/or cheese.  Creamy grits (my personal favorite) are made with milk.

Fox News continues:

The Obama administration also had a problem with traditional Southern buttermilk biscuits made from Martha White Flour.

“Biscuits have to be 100 percent whole grain,” Ms. Dillard said. “It’s not the kind of biscuit you would see at a restaurant.”

Whole grain biscuits?! An abomination.  Biscuits are supposed to be delicious and light and fluffy, all the better to soak up sausage gravy.