Jesus: social justice warrior? Apparently so, if you believe Jacqui Lewis, senior minister of the very liberal Middle Collegiate Church in NYC. During her appearance on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this morning, Lewis described Jesus as a “brown-skinned Palestinian man who understood he needed to resist.”

The notion that Jesus was Palestinian has been thoroughly debunked. He was Jewish, after all. But that hasn’t stopped anti-Semites like Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, from also making the claim.

Claiming that “America has forgotten what it means to be Christian,” Lewis said that “Jesus can be too white and too empired for us to understand.”

And was Lewis alluding to Jews, sometimes referred to as the Chosen People, when she said “the Jesus that is created by the white church . . . believes that because, quote, folks are chosen, that they have more money, more assets, more wealth, better education”?

Note: Lewis describes the Jesus created by white America as too “empired” to be understood. Empired? Is that even a word? Or is it a neologism of the sort left-wingers favor, to lend an intellectual gloss to their spiel?

Note segundo: here is Lewis in 2015 relying on Scripture to help Harry Smith make the case that the US should admit Syrian refugees.


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