Whichever poison you picked this morning—CNN or MSNBC—you would have been treated to snide shots at President Trump. On CNN, responding to President Trump’s statement that the presidency has turned out to be more work than expected, David Gregory sneered “thanks, Captain Obvious.”

Meanwhile, over on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, trying to explain President Trump’s more measured tone of late, Donny Deutsch wondered if maybe “the meds have changed.”

When Willie Geist intervened to say that there are no meds involved, Deutsch concurred, saying he was just kibitzing: “we kibitz on Morning Joe.

However Donny might want to laugh it off, the fact that he and Gregory were willing to openly say what they did reflects the contempt in which the MSM holds President Trump. Can you imagine members of the liberal media saying something so snide about President Obama?

CHRIS CUOMO: Listen to what he said.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I loved my previous life. I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. I actually, this is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier. I thought it was more of a — I’m a details-oriented person. I think you would say that. But I do miss my old life. I like to work, so that’s not a problem. But this is actually more work.

DAVID GREGORY: Thanks, Captain Obvious: the presidency is actually tough work.

DONNY DEUTSCH: If you really stepped back, if you just landed from Mars in the last two weeks and had listened to this president both in tone and content, you would say, you know, maybe there’s a little bit more normalcy going on.

WILLIE GEIST: So that was an Oval Office interview, so you might expect that tone. Tomorrow he’s got a rally in Pennsylvania where you’ll probably see Donald Trump from the campaign.

DEUTSCH: You might see once again a more nuanced, the volume might turn up. But there is something that has happened. I don’t know whether it’s Bannon going away, whether it’s Cohn and Kushner, whatever it is, the meds have changed, whatever it is, something has turned a bit in the last few weeks.

WILIE: There are no meds involved.

DEUTSCH: There are no meds. No meds! We kibitz here. It’s a Jewish word. We kibitz on Morning Joe.