It looked briefly as though this issue was resolved but the school wants to change the date and the College Republicans have clearly had it.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Republican students sue to allow Ann Coulter’s speech this week at UC Berkeley

A Republican student group on Monday filed a lawsuit demanding that UC Berkeley allow conservative pundit Ann Coulter to speak on campus Thursday as originally planned.

Citing unspecified threats, administrators had rescheduled Coulter’s appearance for May 2, when they said the university could provide adequate security.

But in its free-speech lawsuit, the Berkeley College Republicans — which planned to host Coulter — called that date a “sham” intended to ensure her address was poorly attended.

According to Harmeet Dhillon, a lawyer representing the students, Berkeley has adopted an unwritten policy under which it declares certain speakers as “high profile” and then restricts when and where they can appear on campus.

The day offered to Coulter falls during “dead week,” when students are studying for final exams and the campus traditionally is deserted. The university also had said Coulter would have to speak at midday, in a science hall located away from the central campus, rather than during the evening.

“If you can host Supreme Court justices of the United States, if you can host Bill Maher … surely you can host a controversial talking head pundit, “ said Dhillon, who also is a member of the state Republican National Committee.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court in San Francisco, seeks an injunction against Berkeley’s enforcement of its policy regarding speakers.


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