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Cherokee scandal likely scared Elizabeth Warren away from running for president in 2016

Cherokee scandal likely scared Elizabeth Warren away from running for president in 2016

Husband warned: “The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse—a lot worse”

It has been a mystery as to why Elizabeth Warren never ran for president in 2016.

As I wrote many times, and early on, I believe Warren would have crushed Hillary. Like a sour grape.

The decision not to run also stood in contrast to Warren’s tough gal act on Twitter and on the stump. She was a flame thrower who claimed not to be afraid to stand up to the bully Trump.

So why didn’t Warren run?

She discloses the reasoning in an upcoming book. The Wall Street Journal obtained an advance copy through the conservative research group America Rising, and it certainly appears that the Cherokee controversy weighed heavily on her decision (emphasis added):

Sen. Elizabeth Warren opted not to run for president in 2016 in part because her husband warned her the race would be far more grueling than her 2012 Senate bid, she writes in a book scheduled for release next week.

Ms. Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, progressive favorite and possible contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, recounts asking her husband, Bruce Mann, if she should enter the presidential fray in her new book, “This Fight Is Our Fight.” ….

Ms. Warren, 67 years old, recounts her husband was supportive of her but added that “a race like this one looks pretty terrible. The Senate thing was bad enough, and running for president would be worse—a lot worse.’” …

In Ms. Warren’s hard-fought 2012 Senate race, her opponent was Scott Brown, a Massachusetts Republican senator who ran as an everyman and referred to her as “Professor Warren,” an attempt to denigrate her background as a Harvard Law School faculty member.

The race also saw a controversy over allegations that Ms. Warren had claimed distant Cherokee heritage to gain an advantage in academic hiring. Ms. Warren has described herself as “proud” of her Native American heritage, which she says was passed down in family lore for generations. She won by about 8 percentage points.

Why would Warren have been scared off by the Cherokee controversy if she had family lore to back her up?

I won’t belabor the point, but virtually every story she has told about her supposed Native American ancestry and lore has been proven to be either false or highly questionable.

Legal Insurrection created to gather in one place research and resources from the 2012 Senate race, particularly on the Cherokee issue. Read through it, and you can see the documents and video that would have made it very difficult for Warren to defend herself in a national campaign.

9 Elizabeth Warren Native American / Cherokee Controversy
9.1 Native American / Cherokee Criticism of Elizabeth Warren
9.2 High School Debate Partner Does Not Recall Warren Being Native American
9.3 Pow Wow Chow Cookbook
9.4 Listed As “Woman of Color In Legal Academia”
9.5 Elizabeth Warren Refusal To Meet With Native Americans
9.6 Says Has Photo Proof Of Native American Heritage, But Will Not Show
9.7 “Unaccountable – Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee”
9.8 Claim to be Native American / Cherokee becomes campaign issue in 2012 Senate Race
9.9 Elizabeth Warren Does Not Register As Native American In U.S. Senate

Sure, she was able to obfuscate on the issue in liberal Massachusetts, but she would not have succeeded under the heat of a national campaign.

I’m convinced that there is a lot more out there disproving her claim to be Native American, it just will take researchers with the resources to dig it out of the crevices in Oklahoma. The type of resources that would be brought to bear in a presidential campaign. Maybe the Clintons already did that, and that’s why Warren didn’t run.

While Warren had other controversies, many of them researched and exposed by Legal Insurrection, the Native American claim weighed most heavily and has come to define Warren’s public persona.

How ironic. Claiming to be Native American was used by Warren to try to advance her career. And it was that same claim that ultimately scared her away from running for president.


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Thank you! This is info we need to know.

Close The Fed | April 14, 2017 at 7:27 am

Yes, and Trump hasn’t hesitated to use this.

Bucky Barkingham | April 14, 2017 at 7:33 am

The Clinton Crime Family would have savaged her had she dared to challenge The Queen in the primaries.

GeorgeCrosley | April 14, 2017 at 7:39 am

Even if Warren had been telling the truth, 1/32 Indian heritage shouldn’t mean a thing. I know that if I found out I was 1/32 Indian, black, Hispanic, etc., I wouldn’t feel justified in using it to my advantage, nor would I feel that it meant much of anything.

I know that if I found out I was 1/32 Indian, black, Hispanic, etc., I wouldn’t feel justified in using it to my advantage, nor would I feel that it meant much of anything.

True. You, however, are a thinking and rational person.
Warren? Not so much.

    Massinsanity in reply to ooddballz. | April 14, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Just to be clear she is not 1/32 native american but 0.

    The 1/32 thing continues to be promulgated based on an ill researched article in the Boston Globe.

Humphrey's Executor | April 14, 2017 at 8:21 am

Some enterprising reporter needs to run a DNA test on her luncheon drinking glass or some such.

All those cool epithets, Liawatha, Fauxcahontas, … wouldn’t have gone to waste!

Most Aid to Native Americans not requires that you are recognized by a recognized tribe. This is because forked tongue white women like Warren were stealing all the aid money and the true Native Americans were left without.

Can I claim a Comanche bloodline? I’ve been to Adobe Walls and have been hugged by a lady whose father is Comanche. Not only that, but I got very hungry reading about how Quanah Parker walked from the Peace River fight to Palo Dura Canyon when he was twelve years old. On top of all that evidence, I felt a strange mystical feeling after having breakfast in Cache, Oklahoma. I’ll admit the last evidence could have been a reaction to the spices in the sausage, but taken all together my Comanche heritage is obvious.

I have been pouring over possible Comanche names for myself, but haven’t settled on one yet. My first choice was Buffalo Humper, but that might lead historians to confuse me with Buffalo Hump and I wouldn’t want to be accused of stealing his valor.

My newly found heritage isn’t working out as smoothly as I would have liked, but I’m sure my wife will learn to accept it as long as I don’t throw a deer carcass at her feet again. Frankly she did a great job skinning and butchering the animal, but was a little less enthused about chewing the hide until it was soft. Overall, she is making great progress in the same way Obama made progress in Afghanistan.

In closing, I would like to warm any of you who self identify as 19th century buffalo hunters that as soon as my buds and I finish this keg of Lone Star er firewater we might be on the warpath if Running Duck is sober enough to drive the tribal Bronco to der Wienie World for some chili dogs.

I was born in the US to 2 US citizens.
I thereby am native american.

Legal Insurrection and the Boston Herald did the best work on the Cherokee scandal when she was running for Senate.

I will never forget the video of Warren running up an escalator like a scared mouse to get away from the Herald reporter who asked her questions about her “Native” heritage

It’s not that she’s a fake Native American, it’s that she’s a real naive American.

The real mystery is not why she didn’t run for President, but why she ever ran for the Senate.

She’d successfully used a spurious claim to aboriginal status to slither up the Affirmative Action totem pole, to a position a second-rate intellect and third-rate lawyer with a fourth-rate sense of ethics could never have reached otherwise. She was set for life, and could squat there fat, dumb, and happy in the Harvard ivory tower. Harvard, desperate for a live body to fill its Indian quota, would never investigate. Just to be sure, she dropped references to her imaginary heritage as soon as she was handed her nice, safe position, so there was almost no chance that anyone would ever notice how she got there. She was safe.

Running for office blew the lid off all that. What was she hoping to gain? She has no known history of involvement in crime; unlike some other Senators, her hubby doesn’t need cover for a crooked bank he’s running, he’s not a defense contractor who needs juicy government contracts steered his way, neither of them have to cover up past involvements in child prostitution rings or drug money laundering schemes … she doesn’t need to be in government to provide her own protection.

And she wouldn’t be chasing a dream to lead the US down a Progressive path to the Worldwide Soviet Socialist Paradise; Bernie the Red probably believes that stuff, but I don’t really think Warren is quite that silly; the Progressive Saint thing is as fake as the Po Lil’ Indian thing, and I’m sure she knows it. Both scams are just tools, to be milked as long as they pay off.

Perhaps she has a lifelong ambition to be the First Woman President, like you-know-who? Probably not; if she did, she’d have made a move into politics decades ago. At her age, the Oval Office wouldn’t be the apotheosis of a lifelong dream, it would be a retirement project.

So, I’d say the Senate run was her Rubicon. The damage has been done, the country knows she’s a fake. But that doesn’t matter; as long as enough Democrats vote for her, it doesn’t matter that she’s phony as a three-dollar bill. And they did vote for her … and would do so again.

Of course there is a possible goal which wouldn’t need votes—an appointment to the Federal judiciary. She’d never get there by climbing the regular judicial ladder; she’s nowhere near good enough, and again, started far too late. So she’d have to jump the queue; and the way to do that is with some high-profile but (ideally) short-lived exposure in national politics. She might have been hoping that Madame President would appoint her to replace, say, that old mummy Ginsburg. If an absolute office nobody and a New York bigot can land ill-deserved seats on the Supreme Court, a fake Indian should be a shoo-in.

    Massinsanity in reply to tom swift. | April 14, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Great post.

    FWIW, I believe she has one of the lowest favorability ratings (56%) of any senator in her/his home state… so while she may be an idol to the extreme lefties nationally even moderate Dems here in MA are getting tired of her act.

    By contrast, our Republican governor (a total RINO) has a favorability to 75%.

    Jarvis in reply to tom swift. | April 15, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    She may be a custom candidate for moonbat tastes, but she doesn’t play that well elsewhere — certainly not in Oklahoma where she first fantasized about her Cherokee “high cheek bones”.

    If she’s so certain then she should send a cheek swab to and confirm her aboriginal roots. Hah!

We are ALL African-American. Research has shown that humans began in Africa 50,000 to 100,000 years ago and fanned out into other continents over time. If one’s affirmative action status is determined by ancestors, then we should all claim African-American ancestry because that is where we are all from. See

I’d add the stuff about her home in the wiki. She’s also tried to scam people into thinking that she’s a grassroots poor woman that raised herself up. Dig as much as you can up on her family home and legacy.

She flunked a test of decency.

What warren did was this: she cheated, lied, and thus stole an american indian’s entitlement to an education for herself.

As scummy as hillary clinton.

I know Bruce Mann and to a much lesser extent his wife. He is a thoroughly decent man, a guy who you would love to have a conversation with over a beer or two in Harvard Square. And is the case with the politics of his wife, I certainly do not agree with him on most things but that never mattered in our relationship. That he dissuaded his wife from running for the White House does not surprise me in the least. He’s just that kind of guy.

A simple cheek swab sent to “” could likely confirm or dispel the claim of Aboriginal descent. That’s probably why she hasn’t done it. She is truly a despicable poseur.

Typical of Liberal voters — corruption is at their core. It doesn’t bother them to elect a corrupt career politician.