Why are people protesting at Berkeley? Because this has become a flash point. The left is determined to silence people who say things they don’t like.

The Washington Post reports:

There’s no Ann Coulter speech planned. But protesters are converging on Berkeley.

Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of California at Berkeley was canceled. But the debate and hostility that were unleashed by the controversy over her planned event continued here Thursday.

Demonstrators who participated in other recent violent clashes on Berkeley’s streets gathering at a city park and on campus Thursday to fight for free speech or to protest hate speech. Many were geared up – with helmets, shields and padding – for a confrontation at a public park, just blocks from the campus. And the possibility of violence caused authorities to turn out in force.

But the conservative and liberal activists mostly spent the afternoon shouting at one another, physically divided by a police line on opposite sides the street.

By 1 p.m., university officials announced that two arrests had been made by campus police: One person was arrested for allegedly carrying a knife on campus. The other was charged with violations including “delaying or obstructing a police officer in the course of duty, false identification to a police officer and wearing a mask to evade police.”

Naweed Tahmas, a junior who is a member of the Berkeley College Republicans, said the campus was blockaded Thursday afternoon and that he could see police officers on every corner, with helicopters hovering overhead. He said that it is unfortunate that even the threat of possible unrest could lead to the cancellation of a conservative speech there.


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