It’s unanimous! 7.5 billion to zero! No one in the entire world likes Donald Trump!

That would be the conclusion you’d have to draw if you watched the segment NBC’s Richard Engel prepared for today’s Morning Joe on international reaction to Trump’s first 100 days. From the UK to South Korea, the West Bank to Germany, there was amazing consensus against Trump.

Among people Engel aired, the best anyone had to say about Trump was British news anchor Alistair Stewart’s observation that at least we’ve literally survived his first 100 days. Said Stewart: there isn’t “all-out nuclear conflict—although it is openly talked about.”

The enterprising Engel somehow couldn’t find a Syrian who was grateful that there have been no more chemical weapons attacks since Trump ordered strikes on an Assad air base. Or perhaps an Israeli, happy to have a friend of the Jewish state in the White House for the first time in eight years.

Check out the screencap from the segment. Surprise: socialists don’t dig Trump!

RICHARD ENGEL: We’ve been asking people around the world what do they think of the first 100 days. What do they think of the new administration, what do they think of the new president. Obviously, he’s very different than his predecessor. And so far, the reviews have not been very good.

Around the world for nearly 100 days, the top story has been President Trump, and he’s being watched with more than a bit of concern.

ALISTAIR STEWART: Quite a few people are saying, well, we’re still here. I think there was a genuine fear.

ENGEL: And that’s the bar.

STEWART: Absolutely!

ENGEL: That’s good. We’re still alive.

STEWART: There isn’t all-out nuclear conflict, although it is openly talked about. I find that quite extraordinary.

ENGEL: Alistair Stewart, a top anchor at Britain’s ITV News has been observing foreign affairs for over 40 years.

STEWART: There is a genuine, real and tangible concern. And it’s based not so much on the idle threats of putting people in their place, it is based upon that perception of ineptitude.

ENGEL: Around the globe, we found a similar feeling that President Trump is careening from crisis to crisis without a foreign policy strategy. In South Korea —

YOUNG KOREAN WOMAN: He’s like starting the old fights with everyone.

ENGEL: To the West Bank.

MAN: He just doesn’t know what he’s doing.

ENGEL: To Germany.

YOUNG MAN: He doesn’t really think about what he does. Maybe he thinks about it a lot, but he seems rude, harsh and not — just not presidential.

ENGEL: People don’t seem to know what to expect or believe from President Trump as he plays brinksmanship with the nuclear-armed and highly erratic North Korea, punishes America’s neighbors, Mexico and Canada, normally considered essential allies, and flip-flops on Syria, lobbing a few dozen missiles at a regime his administration seemed to back a few days before.

Nearly 100 days of President Trump have passed. And if the best international observers can say is we lived through it, these are truly uncharted times.


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