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Omar Barghouti, co-founder of BDS, arrested for tax evasion

Omar Barghouti, co-founder of BDS, arrested for tax evasion

BDS is a money-making scheme by people whose careers depend on preventing peace and mutual understanding.

Omar Barghouti is considered one of the co-founders of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Barghouti is a Qatari-born Palestinian who lives in Israel because he married an Arab Israeli woman.

He also is a Class A propagandist and hypocrite. He demands that others boycott Israeli universities, for example, but also attended Tel Aviv University.

Barghouti uses his presence in Israel to preach for the destruction of Israel, as we wrote in BDS Co-founder Omar Barghouti: “the right of our people to the 1948 lands is in danger”:

Barghouti is against “normalization” of relations between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

Barghouti also, according to Israeli media reports, has been enriching himself and evading taxes. The Tower reports:

The leader of the campaign to boycott Israel was arrested by Israeli authorities on Monday for allegedly failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in income, Globes reported.

Omar Barghouti, a co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, is suspected of evading taxes on some $700,000 that he earned between 2007 to 2017 while serving as the director of the Ramallah-based National Computing Resources, which markets and rents ATMs and other technology within the Palestinian Authority.

Barghouti, who resides in the Israeli city of Acre, deposited the money in a Ramallah bank account to hide it from tax authorities, according to the charges. He is also believed to have deposited income from a global speaking tour and book royalties in a bank account in the United States, which was similarly hidden from authorities.

Police say that credit cards and transaction records found at his house support their suspicions.

Israeli Tax Authorities posted a message on its Facebook page which reads (auto translation is rough, but it’s understandable).

Dr. Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. tweeted:

That Barghouti has amassed so much wealth is a testament to how BDS leadership is following in the footsteps of Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian leaders who enrich themselves while their people suffer.

BDS is a money-making scheme for hundreds of people like Barghouti whose careers are tied to preventing peace and mutual understanding. That includes western liberal groups who support BDS because it keeps the money and salaries flowing.


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If Hillary had a son…..


Just like Al Capone!!!

Love it.

It’s ok for Muslims to steal from the Jews, just as it is ok to lie to the infidel. Only this is 21st century and you end up in jail.

Barghouti’s people have no right to whatever he imagines constitutes “1948 land.” If you don’t believe me try to find the city-state of Konigsberg on a map. I’ll continue my comment while you look.

If a country seizes territory when attacked by another state in an act of unprovoked aggression, that territory is the aggrieved party’s by right of conquest.

That’s why you see Kaliningrad on the map these days, where Konigsberg used to be.

Although somehow how I imagine centuries of international law will be set aside when it comes to dealing with the Jooos.

It strikes my that the history of the Jews in general and Israel in particular have some parallels with the history of Buddhists in the Indian subcontinent in general and Myanmar in particular. And that’s because of the nature of Islam.

The Muslim genocide of India began in 1000 A.D. It began in what is now Afghanistan. Going beyond the blood lust of even the Mongols, the Muslims annihilated the population of the entire territory which had consisted of Buddhist, but mostly Hindu, principalities and kingdoms. The Muslims renamed the mountain range roughly between today’s Afghanistan and Pakistan the Hindu Kush. It translates as “Slaughter of the Hindus,” or “Hindu Killer.” lost to us is exactly what it is supposed to commemorate. It could either be the number of slaves who died crossing it as their Muslim owners drove them across it, or just the genocide the Muslims inflicted on the former residents of the territory. Suffice to say the Muslims have always been proud of their genocides.

This is what it takes to turn Buddhists who revere non-violence into the Buddhists of today’s Myanmar. The genocidal Muslims have succeeded in wiping them out

…everywhere else on the subcontinent. There’s still a sizeable population in the Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh, but that’s getting whittled down as the Muslims keep attacking it.

Like the Palestinian attitude toward ancient Jewish sites, the Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001. They’re erasing every piece of evidence that someone else has valid claim to that land. The Buddhists of Myanmar don’t care about Western politicians and talking heads who through ignorance see Muslims as oppressed victims. They know their own history, and they’re not about to give an inch to the Muslims who have slaughtered Buddhists out of existence everywhere else. The Rohingyas (who are not native to the area) will not slaughter them in their last stronghold. “Never again,” you might say is their motto. What Israel is to Jews, Myanmar is to Buddhists. They don’t care what ignorant westerners have to say about how they’re defending their last redoubt. They know the weepy Westerners who ignorantly always get things arse backwards aren’t going to the aid of Christians and Yazidis as murderous, rapacious, plundering Muslims wipe them out those ignorant, weepy westerners won’t come to their aid, either. Their survival is entirely up to them.