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Nevertheless, #HePersisted

Nevertheless, #HePersisted

The Gorsuch hearings have been very Sad! for Democrats so far

Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing today was blah, blah, (try to stay awake), (don’t let anyone know you’re snoozing), (Dem Senators made to look foolish), (trite platitudes repeated endlessly on media).

You still with me.

Sure, there were some real moments, but they were entirely focused on Democrat Senators who were made to look like fools.

Like when Dick Durbin tried to tag Neil (may I call him Neil?) with some obviously nonsense, political statement from a former female law student of his about asking women during job interviews about plans to get pregnant. Durbin still is stammering “What hit me, what hit me?

No one laid a glove on Gorsuch. Seriously, the questioning was pathetic. Sheldon Whitehouse had trouble framing a question.

Al Franken, who never is the adult in any room, wasn’t any better:

Through it all, Democrats repeatedly didn’t like the answers and would cut off Gorsuch, sometimes mid-sentence, like at the end of the Franken clip above.

Nevertheless, he persisted.

And barring the equivalent of a meteor hitting, you can say hello to Mr. Justice Neil Gorsuch.


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The dude abides.

Sorry, Al baby, but Neil isn’t buying the crap you’re selling. Said another way, “Bless your heart, but We ain’t pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down.”

After watching Sen. Whitehouse attempt to put a coherent statement together I asked myself how anyone could lose to this guy.

Food for thought. Why isn’t Leaky Leahy sitting in a jail cell? He is a greater government security risk than any of Trump’s people.

The Democratic senators beclowned themselves today. Feinstein was the worst.

No, Senator Franken, it isn’t in the constitution. Perhaps if you bothered to read it you’d know that.

These hearings have been a non-stop stream of Washington puddingheads thumbing through pages of quotes and saying, “Very well, Judge Gorsuch, you’ve obviously come prepared.
But how do you respond to…
THIS!”[camera zoom](Buh…buh… BAHHHHH!)
It’s like watching a skit from The Carol Burnett Show.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | March 22, 2017 at 12:10 am

RE: “very Sad! for Democrats” is a thing of beauty for U.S. citizens…..

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Oops Democrats! Judge Gorsuch is an adult and isn’t an emotional wreck like the democrats trying to make him look bad. I think he is going to be okie dokie with me.

“…Democrat Senators who were made to look like fools.”

Gee, they sound like victims! They simply demonstrated that they actually are fools.

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One of the Senators said she will go through antitrust on the second go around. I’m looking forward to see how much his thinking conforms to Robert Borks.

Also IP and what he thinks of Prometheus and Alice.

What was the story behind what Durbin was asking? It has me a bit confused.

Also does anyone know where I can get gavel to gavel videos so I can go over the stuff that I missed. Sometimes going over the video a second time is just good. I didn’t fully appreciate the stupidity in Frankens reading from a Notre Dame law guide and his confusion over scriveners error until I saw it the second time. ( Plsu I’m googling some of the cases I haven’t heard of. )