The political career of Chelsea Clinton is being carefully nurtured, and she now is the topic of favorable media coverage almost daily, frequently after she has tweeted in opposition to Trump.

Because she is a female Clinton, nothing is spontaneous (Bill is another story).

We posted just after her mother lost the presidential election how Chelsea Clinton Being “Groomed” For House Run. Since then, Clinton World has been sure to put Chelsea at the center of opposition to Trump.

We’re increasingly seeing headlines like Chelsea Clinton doesn’t hold back on Twitter:

Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, is taking to twitter to bash policies under the Trump administration. Twice in two days, Donald Trump was given the opportunity to outright condemn anti-Semitism, and did not.

President Donald Trump said, “I think a lot of good things are happening. And you’re going to see a lot of love. You’re going to see a lot of love.”

And twice in two days, Chelsea Clinton hammered him for it on twitter, tweeting, “One would think he would have thought of an answer since yesterday. Here’s one: ‘there’s no place for bigotry, ever, in America.’”

The former first daughter criticized Trump on the campaign trail saying, “So to me, this election is both about repudiating Donald Trump’s divisive, demeaning, degrading, rhetoric that should offend all of us.”

I’ve particularly notice The Hill promoting Chelsea:

The Hill seems to write up just about every Chelsea tweet.

But it goes far beyond The Hill. Jim Geraghty at National Review summarizes some of the fawning coverage:

Chelsea Clinton is not fascinating. But the repeated insistence that Chelsea Clinton is fascinating . . . is actually rather fascinating. It’s like a giant social experiment, in which everyone who has spent decades building connections to the Clinton political dynasty attempts to make the world see the president’s daughter as someone she isn’t.

Witness the recent insistence that we’re seeing a new side of Chelsea Clinton . . . because she’s tweeting a lot of critical things about President Trump. This is not particularly unusual behavior for a Democrat with a Twitter account. Yet Politico declares that she “lets loose on Twitter” with “a spicy, sarcastic online personality.” CNN concurs that “Chelsea Clinton embraces her Twitter sass.” …

The uptick in Chelsea coverage since November has a transparent purpose, of course: to pave the way for her entry into politics.

Twitter sass? Just like Hillary’s *spontaneous* encounter with Iowa voters and videotaped visit to Chipotle during her *spontaneous* road trip? Hillary staged Iowa coffee shop talk, what about Chipotle?

Here is some other glowing coverage of Chelsea as leader of The Resistance, from Mercury News, Is Chelsea Clinton Donald Trump’s most formidable Twitter foe?

Of all the public figures and Hollywood stars who’ve been using social media to protest Donald Trump and the policies of his month-old presidency, Chelsea Clinton has emerged as one of his most relentless — and possibly formidable — critics.

With a mix of mild sarcasm, exasperation and humanitarian concern, the former first daughter daily delivers sharp commentary on Trump to her 1.5 million Twitter followers. On Tuesday, for example, Chelsea issued a series of tweets decrying the Trump administration’s possible plans to rescind an Obama White House policy that protected the rights of transgender students in public schools.

None of this is by chance. Clinton World is deeply steeped in media operatives and public relations handlers. And those media operative and handlers have made sure that Chelsea is not seen as unhinged as Elizabeth Warren, so Chelsea has pulled very savvy moves like supporting Barron Trump against attacks from the left. Which of course generated favorable publicity:

She also struck up a Twitter moment of harmony with Kellyanne Conway after some sexual innuendo by a Democratic congressman was directed at Kellyanne after the (incredibly stupid) feet on the couch Fauxrage.

That generated positive coverage even at Breitbart News:
Chelsea is being groomed. Take that to the bank.

The only question is, for what?

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