Appearing on this evening’s Hardball, David Johnston, who received part of Donald Trump’s leaked 2005 tax return, said “I suspect” that Trump leaked “pornographic” photos of Melania to the New York Post.

DAVID JOHNSTON: At first I thought Donald might have leaked it [the tax return], but his reaction in turning what could have been for him a terrific story about himself, he’s managed to squander by his reaction to this, so clearly he didn’t leak. When Donald leaks things, he doesn’t complain about them. He didn’t complain about the pictures of his wife, the pornographic pictures that were published in the New York Post. He didn’t complain about the three pages of state tax returns that got out last year. And I suspect both of those came from him.

Here and here are the photos of Melania that Johnston appears to be referencing.

[full segment here]


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