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Maddow on Trump Tax Scoop Fail: People expected too much

Maddow on Trump Tax Scoop Fail: People expected too much

Maddow stoked expectations, didn’t deliver, and blames the public for mocking her.

Rachel Maddow’s big SCOOP on Donald Trump’s tax return turned into an embarrassing flop, with mockery coming at her from all directions, Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight.

Maddow did the unthinkable — bringing together pro-Trump and anti-Trump together in horror at the horrendous clickbait.

What was key was how Maddow herself build up the expectations with a pre-show tweet:

And then once the show started, Maddow stalled for time for over 20 minutes, which further stoked the fire and started the mocking:

How bad was it? Even Stephen Colbert ran a parody of Maddow’s rollout:

So who is Maddow blaming?

The people who believed her pre-show hype, as AP reports, Maddow: People disappointed by Trump story expected too much:

Rachel Maddow says that if people felt let down by her story about President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax document it’s more because of the weight of expectation than anything she did.

The MSNBC host found herself in the odd position Wednesday of defending herself from criticism following one of the biggest-ever scoops for her show. Maddow’s show revealed, through reporter David Cay Johnston, two pages of tax return information that showed Trump earned $150 million in 2005 and paid $38 million in income taxes that year. Trump has steadfastly refused to release his tax returns.

Maddow’s tweet less than 90 minutes before her show that “we’ve got Trump’s tax returns” set off a social media frenzy. Although a subsequent tweet specified it was only two pages from one year’s returns, expectations were sky high.

Maddow told the AP that she never misrepresented what she had.

“Because I have information about the president doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a scandal,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that it’s damning information. If other people leapt to that conclusion without me indicating that it was, that hype is external to what we did.”

Rachel, just one message. Yes, this is your life now.


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LukeHandCool | March 17, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Joanie loves Chachi …

… but Rachel jumped the Fonz.

Maddow told the AP that she never misrepresented what she had.

She did say “seriously”.

I’d call that a misrepresentation.

If you can get a larger picture of the two pages, maybe one can see what this guy was talking about.

I mistakenly assumed the income figure of $150 million that was tossed around (on which he paid $36 million in taxes) was Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Now seeing the actual 2 pages of his return,

(unreadable pictures of the two pages at link)

see that the media was even more disingenuous than I had thought in choosing the $150 million number. In fact, that return shows AGI of $49 million, on which he paid $36 million in taxes [roughly 73.5%]. The media somehow decided it was perfectly appropriate to add back $103 million in what I’ll call losses, the negative amount shown as Other Income, explained in Statement 1 – which is not available to us or the media. We don’t know what explains the $103 million in “losses” that the media decided to ignore.

But how do they come off pretending it isn’t there?

While this is all too complicated for the media to figure out and much of the public to understand and it might be nice to know the source of the $103 million negative Other Income, it’s great to see that even in the worst case painted by the media, per the Drudge headline: TRUMP PAID HIGHER TAX RATE [25%] THAN MSNBC COMCAST [24%]… MUCH HIGHER

Here’s what I hear Madcow telling her audience: It’s YOUR fault the story wasn’t as big as I told you it would be.

Projection. Blame-shifting. Classic tenets of “Progressive” ideology.

Classic liberal blame shifting and non-apology.

“I’m sorry you are too stupid to understand how great I am and how awesome this story was”.

    Old0311 in reply to Olinser. | March 17, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    It’ll take something as big as the 2nd coming to get me to watch her. I only bought one Ford Pinto.

Considering we can phone in her routine, and that she is a cultist fool, this clown doesn’t deserve any of the attention she’s being given by us.

She’s a minor player in a minor league of cultists.


What do you mean the vault is empty?

That can’t be right.

The vault can’t be empty.

It has to be full.

I need it to be full.

Do we have time to fill it?

We”re live?!

Damn, I forgot.

I’m pretty sure there’s another one.

Don’t go away.

Dear Rachel… it is going to be hard to attract new girlfriends if you head is always up your ass. Not enough room for a new lover.

But she’s being paid for it to be always a scandal. That’s what MSNBC is paying her for, that’s why that audience watches.

And she droned on and dragged it out til the end of the show. Weird.

It was pretty amusing to read some of the real time tweets from real Maddow fans….

“This is great…she’s carefully laying out her case”….
“Anytime now…we’ll have the facts”….”Getting closer”
“Ummmm….come on Rachel…give it to us” “OK..WTF”?????

No, I knew the minute it was Rachel Madcow that it would amount to nothing. He has done this on many occasions.

This morning’s Sunday paper had a cartoon by Ramirez showing a younger Geraldo Rivera opening “Al Capone’s” vault. Inside maddow is sitting at her desk with that stupid smirk on her face! It is an example of two nothingbugers hyped beyond belief!

Last night’s revelations from McClatchy news was confirming something we all instinctively knew.
Neverthe less it is clear that the Russians via, Albania, and other countries invaded our election process.
Doubtful Hillary could have won against any candidate but the information revealed last night was more than a warning shot across our bow.
Twitter bots have invaded.