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Chris Coons walkback: “I have no hard evidence of collusion” between Trump world and Russians

Chris Coons walkback: “I have no hard evidence of collusion” between Trump world and Russians

Contradicts prior suggestion of possibly incriminating transcripts.

When Donald Trump sent out his series of tweets about alleged “tapping” of his phones and/or Trump Tower by Obama, the instant media reaction was that Trump made the allegation without presenting any proof.

As if proof were needed at the time of an accusation for a media that has put Trump on trial for the last 6-8 months based on innuendo about Trump campaign ties to Russia. As pointed out repeatedly, there is zero proof in the public record of such media and Democrat accusations, and no proof was demanded by the media.

In fact, Democratic Senator Chris Coons recently suggested there were incriminating transcripts of calls involving Trump or his associates:

This allegation of transcripts stoked the already burning innuendo aimed at Trump world:

Yet on Fox News Sunday this morning, Coons admitted (as Sen. Tom Cotton also stated on the show) that there is no hard evidence of collusion:

Republican Senator Tom Cotton also stated he has not seen any hard evidence of collusion

This supports what I have been saying all along: Unless and until there is evidence shown to the public of wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, this amounts to nothing more than an attempt to undermine the Trump administration based on innuendo, The fact-free Intelligence Community-Media trial of Trump by innuendo:

I don’t know whether Donald Trump or his aides had any improper contacts with Russian Intelligence officers.

Neither do you, or the media. The Intelligence Community might know, but they have provided zero facts either officially or through leaks to prove any improper, much less illegal, conduct took place.

Instead, we have trial by innuendo based on there being “contacts” between Trump campaign aides and Russian intelligence….

In this fact-free environment, imaginations and malicious intentions can run wild. We have round-the-clock media and social media speculation and frenzy throwing around terms like impeachment, treason, and so on.

It is, in some ways, worse than harmful facts, because there is no clear accusation against which to defend, and no factual basis upon which the public can judge.


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“Innuendo” was an OK Queen album, but an even worse strategy by PMSM/DemocRATs. Biblical retribution is forthcoming against the underhanded insurgency attempting to depose a lawfully elected President.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to DVS1. | March 6, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Everything the Never-Trumpers and Democrats have done they accused Trump about back in the summer of 2016.

    They always “telegraph” what they are, and what they are up to – and you can include the MSM in that comment.

I was told, in 1974, it was ” the seriousness of the charge !” I’ve since learned, that ONLY applies to Republicans.

    mainer1776 in reply to RobM. | March 5, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Yes!! The “seriousness of the allegation” merits a Congressional investigation into the abuse of power by President Obama! Schumer has used that (“the seriousness of the allegation”) so many times it makes one’s head spin! I support President Trump!

Freddie Sykes | March 5, 2017 at 11:27 am

Transcripts? Like in transcripts of wire tapping done by the Obama Administration against a political foe? You mean what the Nixon Administration got caught doing a Watergate?

This from the guy (Coons) who stood by while VP Biden attempted to diddle his wife right in front of him!

kenoshamarge | March 5, 2017 at 11:34 am

His goal is to suggest that everyone in the Trump Administration is some kind of a Russian Spy.

He wants the truth? I don’t think so.

The only real smoke I see starts with a FISA warrant to spy on a rival political candidate and/or his organization that was rejected as overly broad (i.e. a fishing expedition). This provides context for the ‘investigation’ and alone would be a scandal if parties were reversed. The smoke only gets thicker from there on. The media spin is subsequently thicker and more twisted than ever.

    Arminius in reply to tmiker. | March 7, 2017 at 1:00 am

    We’re past the smoke phase. We have eyes-on actual fires. All these anonymous leaks from “current and former intelligence officials” are felonies when classified information is involved.

    So we have conclusive proof that crimes have been committed. But not by the targets of the investigation. Rather, by the investigators.

The entire “Trump colluded with Russia to win the election” narrative has collapsed. And, even worse, fingers are now pointing toward the Obama administration for unethical, and possibly criminal, surveillance of candidate Trump during and following the campaign. Coons has now stated, categorically, that there is NO evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia/ James Clapper has walked back his earlier statements and now stating, again categorically, that he knows of NO evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. So, the new mantra is; even though there is no evidence that anything happened, we STILL need some kind of investigation to prove that. Anything to disrupt the Trump agenda, no matter how silly.

There are transcripts that provide … insight into whether or not Russian intelligence and …. leaders … were colluding with the trump campaign …

So … even if these transcripts exist … not even Coons is actually claiming that they reveal anything of interest.

He’s not just flinging garbage he claims is important, he’s flinging garbage he doesn’t claim is important. That must be a new zenith of futility, even in the bizarro world of the Democrats.

If one of our major political parties actually believes this childish twaddle could influence voters, maybe we should consider raising the voting age.

To something like 50.

    Worse, it’s a double-stupid on behalf of Coons.
    1) If (as he says) there are transcripts of Trump administration official communication, this is *admitting* that the Trump administration officials were wiretapped by the Obama administration.
    2) These theoretical transcripts will eventually come out, and when (presumably) they show no such conspiracy, Coons winds up with egg all over his face.

    The obvious attempt by Coons here is a short-term smearing of the Trump campaign with complete obliviousness to the long-term consequences. He *hopes* his lies will not be followed up on a year or more from now.

    Mr. Coons? The internet is forever. Those words you spoke won’t go away.

      Arminius in reply to georgfelis. | March 6, 2017 at 11:25 pm

      Triple stupid. If there are transcripts of conversations collected under FISA warrants and the entire Democratic party knows about them, the Coons has just blown the lid off of a criminal conspiracy larger than anything ever seen in American politics.

      It’s a felony for the IC to share this information with unauthorized persons. And no Senator or Representative would be authorized to see it.

      Arminius in reply to georgfelis. | March 6, 2017 at 11:32 pm

      If those transcripts exist and Coons is aware of them he’ll wind up with far worse than egg on his face. So will a lot of others, because even getting briefed about that information when you aren’t cleared for it is a felony.

the key is “perspective” doesn’t have to be true, the perspective just needs to fit the narrative you want to show, see the Sessions kerfufle.

President Trump’s actions belie the idea that he’s in cahoots w/Putin – increased U.S. energy production will bankrupt Russia, even as increased military spending will constrain. And does anyone think that if the “smoking gun” existed, it wouldn’t have leaked by now? Democrats will get the investigations, but they’ll be controlled by a Republican Congress & Administration. Democrats, hoist by their own petard – it’ll be the best thing since Ollie North’s testimony.

    Mike H. in reply to Icepilot. | March 5, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    “Democrats will get the investigations, but they’ll be controlled by a Republican Congress & Administration.”

    One can hope but don’t forget that we’re dealing with a political class not real representatives.

If everyone is now saying there were no wiretaps of the Trump org, then where did all these transcripts, whose existence has bee leaked, come from?