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‘Thank you, Jesus’: Morning Joe’s Chorus of Praise for McMaster Pick

‘Thank you, Jesus’: Morning Joe’s Chorus of Praise for McMaster Pick

Panel praises not just McMaster, but Trump for choosing him

Mike Barnicle, of all people, set the tone for the opening segment of today’s Morning Joe, exclaiming “thank you, Jesus” in response to President Trump’s pick of H.R. McMaster to take over from Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.

The segment was one belated Valentines Day bouquet of praise for McMaster, coming from members of the panel itself as well as in quotes from a bi-partisan array that included several critics of the president, John McCain notably among them.

Perhaps even more significant than the accolades for McMaster was the suggestion that his selection reflected well on President Trump himself.

Note: it should be said that the praise was tempered in the sense that it was made in the context of the panel and the others quoted largely expressing relief at the prospect of the Trump admin emerging from “chaos,” etc.


  • Mark Halperin: “ask people who think the president is good for nothing and horrible, bad judgment: these picks represent extraordinarly good, consensus, bi-partisan judgment.”
  • David Igantius: “it’s a terrific choice.”
  • Bill Kristol [from tweet]: “I say this honestly and non-snarkily: I can’t imagine anyone better prepared for the challenges of being Trump’s NSA than H.R. McMaster.”
  • Former US ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul [from tweet]: “HR is a giant upgrade. I have never felt better about Trump administration regarding national security.”
  • John McCain [from tweet]: “Lt. Gen. HR McMaster is outstanding choice for NSA. Man of genuine intellect, character and ability.”
  • Dem congressman Jim Himes [from tweet]: “Pleased by the choice of H.R. McMaster to be National Security Adviser. Brilliant stratetic mind. Not afraid to speak truth to anyone.”
  • Ignatius: “This has shown me again that Donald Trump wants to be a successful president.”


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Was it McMaster or Mattis who doesn’t believe ISIS represents Islam?

Any suggestion of Trump getting it right from these ratbags is a real warning sign.

Oh oh. If they like him, there’s a rat somewhere.

    Tom Servo in reply to Milhouse. | February 21, 2017 at 9:34 am

    Or, it’s possible that Trump has nominated someone who’s career is so stellar and accomplishments so impressive that not even his opponents dare to question them.

    This piece gives a very good view of McMaster’s style of thinking and writing, in his own words, and I found it a good place to start when trying to learn about him.

    Reading about a man who quoted Rommel in the middle of a tank battle gave me a vision of Gen. Patton shouting, “You magnificent bastard, I read your book!!!” I would credit McMaster as being equal to Patton in terms of skill as a tank commander, without the showboating style that always got Patton in trouble with his bosses.

      Mark Finkelstein in reply to Tom Servo. | February 21, 2017 at 9:38 am

      Very interesting.

      And by coincidence, in the course of the panel discussion, Scarborough, quoting someone else, said that in picking Mattis, Trump thought he was getting Patton but actually got George Marshall.

If they like him then something is very wrong

    Old0311 in reply to gonzotx. | February 21, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I’d trust what those people said about as far as I’d believe that California will really go away and leave the sane people alone.

I have to agree with the emerging consensus here.

If the quoted a******s think McMaster’s a good pick, anybody paying attention should be hearing alarm bells. Really loud ones.

Does anybody really care what these people think? I’m actually thinking it is not a good pick since they like him.

I think ‘we should have kept the oil’ is idiotic bulls%$T. A NSA who will call out bulls%$t to the President is always a good thing. I wish that Pres Obama had had a NSA who would have called bulls%$t on the red line in Syria or on Libya. General McMaster seems to be a guy that will call bulls%$t when he hears it. That is a good thing.

McMaster is a globalist hack

The flag ranks of all branches need a giant enema.

Yo gramma coulda won Easting.

There has been speculation that certain Republicans and NeverTrumpers have been planning on pushing vulnerable people for placement in Trump’s cabinet, collecting their political scalps, and then caterwauling about “chaos.”

That sound a little elaborate, to me, but Hillary did manage to get her choice of opposition in this last election.

There is the possibility that they were afraid it would be Bolton. That would make this relief that it wasn’t.

This merits keeping a close eye on.

The next scalp they are hunting is Sebastian Gorka

Richard Aubrey | February 22, 2017 at 7:49 pm

Read 73 Easting. He had some damn’ fine troopers with him.