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Amnesty Int’l: Over 10,000 Hanged by Assad in Syrian Prison

Amnesty Int’l: Over 10,000 Hanged by Assad in Syrian Prison

Saydnaya is an extralegal “prison” rightly dubbed a “slaughterhouse”.

Over the last five years, more than 10,000 people were hanged at Syrian prison Saydnaya. A new report released by Amnesty International indicates that once, sometimes twice a week, 50 people at a time were taken out of their prison cells and hanged to death.

The mass hangings aren’t the only atrocity. Reportedly, detainees were tortured and kept in squalor.

Pulled from their cells in the middle of the night. Prisoners were beaten and then transferred to another prison building before being hanged to death.

Saydnaya is an extralegal “prison” rightly dubbed a “slaughterhouse”.

From Amnesty International:

Hangings at Saydnaya are carried out once or twice a week, usually on Monday and Wednesday, in the middle of the night. Those whose names are called out were told they would be transferred to civilian prisons in Syria. Instead, they are moved to a cell in the basement of the prison and beaten severely. They are then transported to another prison building on the grounds of Saydnaya, where they are hanged. Throughout this process, they remain blindfolded. They do not know when or how they will die until the noose was placed around their necks.

“They kept them [hanging] there for 10 to 15 minutes. Some didn’t die because they are light. For the young ones, their weight wouldn’t kill them. The officers’ assistants would pull them down and break their necks,” said a former judge who witnessed the hangings.

Detainees held in the building in the floors above the “execution room” reported that they sometimes heard the sounds of these hangings.

“If you put your ears on the floor, you could hear the sound of a kind of gurgling. This would last around 10 minutes… We were sleeping on top of the sound of people choking to death. This was normal for me then,” said “Hamid”, a former military officer arrested in 2011.

As many as 50 people can be hanged in one night. Their bodies are taken away by the truckload to be secretly buried in mass graves. Their families are given no information about their fate.

As bad as the mass hangings are the prison conditions. Detainees are beaten, raped, forced to rape others, and often killed. What little food they’re given is often tossed on the floor where it’s mixed with blood — the result of brutal beatings.

Survivors of Saydnaya also provided spine-chilling and shocking testimonies about life inside the prison. They evoke a world carefully designed to humiliate, degrade, sicken, starve and ultimately kill those trapped inside.

These harrowing accounts have led Amnesty International to conclude that the suffering and appalling conditions at Saydnaya have been deliberately inflicted on detainees as a policy of extermination.

Many of the prisoners said they were raped or in some cases forced to rape other prisoners. Torture and beatings are used as a regular form of punishment and degradation, often leading to life-long damage, disability or even death. The cell floors are covered with blood and puss from prisoners’ wounds. The bodies of dead detainees are collected by the prison guards each morning, around 9am.

“Every day there would be two or three dead people in our wing… I remember the guard would ask how many we had. He would say, ‘Room number one – how many? Room number two – how many?’ and on and on… There was one time that… the guards came to us, room by room, and beat us on the head, chest and neck. Thirteen people from our wing died that day,” said “Nader”, a former Saydnaya detainee.

Food and water are regularly cut off. When food is delivered, it is often scattered over the cell floors by the guards, where it mixes with blood and dirt. The very few who leave Saydnaya often do so weighing half the body weight they had when they arrived.

Saydnaya also has its own set of “special rules”. Prisoners are not allowed to make any sounds, speak or even whisper. They are forced to assume certain positions when the guards come into the cells and merely looking at the guards is punishable by death.

If these reports are accurate, there’s no denying egregious human rights violations as well as crimes against humanity.

13,000 people murdered. Their bodies dumped into mass graves for peacefully protesting a bloody regime. The horror is almost imaginable.

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And, what are we supposed to do about it? Do we send in US troops and make them stop?

Right now there are 86 armed conflicts in the world. Over 500 different militias and armies are engaging. And, I guarantee that in every single one of them innocent people are being harmed.

What is the USA supposed to do?

Unfortunately, the hangings did not include every member of the staff of Amnesty International; that and Doctors Without Borders while they were at it.


What are we not being told?

Like, does this place hold ISIS detainees?

Context matters.

Every word may be true……………. Then again, maybe not.

Should we open our county to every Syrian, because they might end up there?

Or should we send every member of the last administration who had a hand in creating this mess, to that prison and tell them to clean up the mess and stop all these killings?

Personally, I prefer the last chice.

AI has long since turned itself into one of our perpetual Chicken Little outfits. Long on hysteria, short on reliability.

So, let me guess … because of whatever the hell might or might not actually be going on in one of the world’s premier self-made ****holes, the US has an obligation to “do something” … gosh, I wonder what that might be?

I have a hard time caring about this b/c I don’t trust the source. Also, Assad was a known quantity. A brutal man that ruled by fear, b/c that’s the main way all those governments stay in power. So if he is attacked, how did they think he would react? Who are these prisoners? Lots of folks are being tortured in Turkey and other nations, esp Africa. We could send $19/mo I guess, (j/k) but war is brutal, esp for those on the losing side. I’m done with the M.E. and Africa.

Seeing as how she’s the rightful step-mother of Syria’s rebel factions, maybe Hillary can hop a Dyson and get right on that cleanup.

Unpossible! Everyone knows only white Christians and Donald Trump are capable of this level of fascism and depravity! [/sarcasm]

In all seriousness, though, what did Amnesty Int’l expect from an authoritarian Islamist regime? Next headline: Labor camps in North Korea offer sub-human conditions, cruelty. And in other news, a consensus of researchers agree: water is wet.

And as MattMusson said above, what are we (the U.S.) supposed to do about it? Send money to AI so they can continue to ask for more money? Send boots-on-the-ground to shut the prison down … and put ourselves squarely in AI’s cross-hairs for interfering in other countries’ “internal business”?

There’s no right answer. Damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

The long-term effects of leaving a vacuum in Iraq and waging social justice globally (e.g. Libya, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine).

What were their crimes? We catch and release our terrorists.

An unplanned conception? That is a death sentence in more liberal societies.

    An unplanned conception? That is a death sentence in more liberal societies.

    Not really. Mostly just in America.

    Fun fact: American liberals who want free-for-all abortion rights and complain how the U.S. should be more like liberal “Progressive” European countries … haven’t looked at abortion laws in those European countries.

    On this continent, for example, they freak out if anyone proposes a law banning the procedure after 26 weeks (or for a bigger freak-out, 20 weeks), but in most of Europe, it’s banned after 12 or 13 weeks, sometimes sooner (I think it’s 6 weeks in Holland or Germany), with zero exceptions other than “life of the mother” (and that must be double-checked by multiple doctors).

    Plus, NO health insurance plans cover it, teenage girls MUST inform their parents and get parental permission, the alleged father also must approve, multiple consults and pre-procedure ultrasounds are commonly required, and they are EXPENSIVE.

    And yet nobody in Europe complains that “women’s health” is sub-par. Go figure.

You had me up to the “peaceful protester” part. The evidence is pretty overwhelming that the harsh repression of Assad was against some pretty “bad hombres”. This story for instance is in your blog roll right now.

I make no excuse for the brutality of Assad- but I also don’t have blinders on about those he is fighting.

an entity I don’t trust saying a person I don’t trust has hurt a group of people I don’t trust.
trust me, the level of distrust is trustworthy.

and for the record, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. he may be more of an ass than my enemy making him my super enemy.

Let’s keep some perspective about this. Yeah, sure, ten thousand people have been murdered but the world’s attention should be focused on that Palestinian kid who skinned his knee when he tripped while throwing a rock at an Israeli soldier.

The question on the table is “what is the US supposed to do about this?”

1. The liberals want to terminate Trump’s travel ban so my guess ls this story was planted in support of Democratic leadership who want to open our borders to the entire Syrian Nation.

2. Or, a better response might be Trump could appoint Hillary as Ambassador in residence at s newly established Damascus consulate for the next four years.

It clearly was a plant to gin up hysteria and let in tens of thousands Syrians.

Who knows if it’s true they have been killing each other for thousands of years. We can’t stop it and they apparently can’t or won’t.

It’s a fu$ked up world and I know we are blessed everyday but I truly don’t want that mess here.

Is there a point to this article? Does it have some relevance to anything we, as American’s, are involved in?

So where are the Isis beheading videos/animations?

Where is the video/animation of treatment of US sailors held captive by Iran? (And imagine what goes on in Iranian military prisons?)

Thane_Eichenauer | February 9, 2017 at 4:49 am

A lovely critique of the Amnesty International report:

The only reason I knew about this was due to: