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Evergreen State Students Vandalize ‘Racist’ Trump Art

Evergreen State Students Vandalize ‘Racist’ Trump Art

“Only, the art isn’t racist: they were simply pictures of Trump.”

As the article below notes, the ‘racist’ Trump art was actually pictures that made Trump look bad so this act followed no logic whatsoever.

My Northwest reported:

Anti-Trump activists vandalize ‘racist’ art at Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College campus in Olympia is in turmoil over the election of President Donald Trump and they’ve taken to vandalizing “racist” art as a means to express themselves. Only, the art isn’t racist: they were simply pictures of Trump. In fact, they were critical of him.

Adjunct faculty member Steve Davis is the campus’ Coordinator of Photography. He put together an exhibition of work from Mark Peterson, a photographer who spent the last couple years on the campaign trail. His photographs have appeared in TIME, Rolling Stone and on MSNBC, according to Davis.

“His work is brash, funny, and presented our presidential election process as nothing short of a circus,” Davis explained to me. “I invited Mark to show last spring, as I thought it was the perfect exhibition to coincide with last year’s election.”

Specifically, the work was chosen by Davis because he “believed it gave a different perspective, from a front row seat, of how candidates, mass crowds, and the mass media intertwined to create what seemed to me to be a rather horrid spectacle.”

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College progressive snowflakes have amply demonstrated they don’t know what fascism is by protesting what they insist is fascism by employing classic fascist tactics. Now they have revealed they haven’t a clue what the word “racism” means. Just what did they learn during their journey through twelve years or more of public education? (Don’t bother to answer; rhetorical question only.)

The children at Evergreen State are not sufficiently mature to be allowed to hear opinions that differ from the politically correct opinions of their indoctrination. The President of Evergreen State published a letter in the Seattle Times saying that he was appalled by the letter from the President of the University of Chicago to their incoming students, stating that their students should be sufficiently mature to do away with trigger warnings and safe spaces.
Actually, both Presidents are correct. The University of Chicago educates new leaders and shakers who need a good grasp on the real world. Students at Evergreen state are described in the letter from the President of Evergreen State: