You may remember Emory University as ground zero for “The Chalkening” as the featured image suggests. Students and even some faculty there just insulted the school’s new president, who is also the first female president.

WABE News reported:

Emory Students, Faculty Walkout During Sterk’s Inauguration

Claire Sterk was inaugurated as Emory University’s 20th – but first female – president at the Glenn Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday.

At the same time, about 200 students, staff and faculty members were walking out of their classes and offices in protest.

Emory Walkout

At the school’s Quad, they demanded Sterk declare Emory a sanctuary campus.

Emory University junior Clementina Nyarko said she and her friends skipped their Spanish class Wednesday morning.

“I came here and I saw my Spanish professor here, which was really encouraging,” Nyarko said. “Although I am a citizen, I have friends and family who are undocumented, who are also just trying to get an education.”

Nyarko said it was important for the University to support these students “and set the standard for all other universities.”