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Ann Coulter: Trump’s Press Conference Performance ‘Magnificent’

Ann Coulter: Trump’s Press Conference Performance ‘Magnificent’

Coulter: when liberals can’t answer you, they call you stupid, crazy, ugly, or just exclaim ‘I can’t even!’

For those who’ve been subjected to the MSM’s cavalcade of criticism of President Trump’s press conference of yesterday, some welcome relief from Ann Coulter’s corner. On Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday, chatting with witty and insightful guest host Mark Simone, the inimitable Ann offered up these observations:

  • Trump’s performance was “magnificent”—Ann could watch it “over and over again.”
  • She notes Trump mentioning that CNN is not just all anti-Trump, but “there’s so much hatred for me.”
  • On courts ruling against exec order: it’s as if the New York Times and Salon editors are “running the court system.”
  • Ann wants Trump out there more: “a once a week press conference would be fantastic.”
  • The left has three responses when they can’t answer you. If they absolutely can’t call you stupid, they call you crazy, ugly, or they just exclaim ‘I can’t even.'”
  • Mark Simone adds: “a racist is what a liberal calls you when they’re losing the argument.”


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I watched the news conference and almost drove off the road laughing when Trump called CNN “really fake new”. I thought Trump was brilliant. I watched the main stream media and they hated it. Tough luck for them. They are delusional. We are living in very dangerous times. When Tom Friedman calls Trumps victory a 911 event. As bad as Pearl Harbor. I’ve come to the conclusion that the left has gone insane. I didn’t want Trump as the nominee, but I find myself being pushed further and further into his camp.