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Young Americans for Freedom Labeled ‘Hate Group’ at UW Madison

Young Americans for Freedom Labeled ‘Hate Group’ at UW Madison

“making campus a hostile environment”

This would be the same UW Madison which is currently offering a program about the problem of whiteness.

The College Fix reports:

UW-Madison’s Young Americans for Freedom labeled hate group

The Student Coalition for Progress at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently pushed a petition that alleged University of Wisconsin Madison’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter is a hate group and its members and efforts “create a hostile environment on campus.”

Young Americans for Freedom is a conservative student organization that aims to promote free market economics and Reaganesque principles.

The 3-week-old petition, titled “Denounce Young Americans for Freedom and the alt-right,” also recommended Young Americans for Freedom members be subjected to “intensive diversity training.”

The petition was launched about a month after YAF hosted conservative columnist Ben Shapiro on campus to speak about microaggressions, safe spaces and free speech. The petition decried Shapiro’s visit, claiming it made minority students feel unsafe, and accused Shapiro of denying “systematic and institutional violences” against so-called marginalized communities.

The petition also claimed “members of YAF have further contributed to making campus a hostile environment by attempting to out and misgender LGBTQIA+ students as well as have individually confronted and made unsafe prominent members of student government.”


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Well the motivation is obvious: This where the pretty girls and the handsome fellows hang out.
Rank jealousy on the part of the left.

Al from Rochester | January 7, 2017 at 10:15 pm

Once I toured all the Catholic churches in town. The liberal churches were full of plain, cheerful fat ladies. The conservative church looked like a Miss Universe pageant. You absolutely could not sit there without your pulse racing.

And people, especially Young Americans for Freedom, give a happy crap what Student Coalition for Progress thinks because…?

I doubt the U of Wisconsin will be banning the YAF any time soon. By the way, when I was at UW in the 1970s, well, let’s just say that the average YAFer didn’t exactly seem to be a chick magnet. Maybe things have changed.