Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Energy Department, will face the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources at 10AM EST.

During the 2012 primary, Perry said he would abolish the Department of Energy if he became president. He also famously forgot the name of the department during one of the debates in November 2011. But that didn’ bother Trump:

“As the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry created created a business climate that produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices in his state, and he will bring that same approach to our entire country as Secretary of Energy,” Trump said in a statement. “My administration is going to make sure we take advantage of our huge natural resource deposits to make America energy independent and create vast new wealth for our nation, and Rick Perry is going to do an amazing job as the leader of that process.”

Something I’ve noticed in all the hearings:

Rick Perry will travel a LOT as Energy secretary. The majority of the senators have asked him to visit their states.

Does it surprise anyone that the New York Times pushed a fake story about Rick Perry and the department? It doesn’t surprise me at all.


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