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WATCH LIVE: Betsy DeVos Hearing for Education Secretary

WATCH LIVE: Betsy DeVos Hearing for Education Secretary

DeVos has championed school choice and charter schools.

Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for education secretary, has her confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions at 5PM ET. The Democrats picked her as one of the eight nominees they want to grill the most.

DeVos has remained an advocate for school choice and used money to help establish charter schools in Detroit, MI. Of course, the Democrats have concerns over her massive donations to Republicans, including some that sit on the panel, and the Republican National Committee.

We’ll be liveblogging beneath.

So the Democrats have complained more about the process and time limit than they have asked DeVos questions. This is beyond ridiculous.

Here is the great questioning from Sen. Cassidy:

DeVos again says she embraces equality and students should receive a discrimination free place to be educated.

DeVos said she will take a salary of only $1.

This is important:

Lieberman: She will ask the right questions such as if this program working? Is it giving them the right education to improve lives?

Liberman: DeVos, despite no experience in education, is the right person for this job.

So Senator Murray launches an attack on Trump not releasing his tax returns because that totally fits into this hearing.

Sen. Alexander points out the many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, who supported public charter schools.


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The democrat senators are apoplectic buffoons.

The one group the Democrats won’t support in education? The students.

All they care about is the power, the money, the jobs and the ability to indoctrinate little children.

Someone comes along like DeVos who wants to improve education and help students. How dare she upset the wonderful system we have.

The teacher’s unions have contributed millions of dollars to defeat her appointment. I would say they might as well have put all of their money in a barrel and set it on fire.

Nobody laid a finger on her today.

The big lesson of the election went right over the Democrats heads: The voters lost faith in institutions. The education system is one of the largest pubic financed institutions we have. I didn’t vote for Trump and can understand that. This pick really has the Democrats squealing, so therefore, the institutional rot is about to be addressed. I hope. I know she faces an uphill battle.

As stated by JOHN B, the students and their parents don’t have unions, so they are far down the educators list of things to do.

Sheesh, how did the west ever get settled? No schools, health insurance, food stamps. 200 years without a Department of Education and we became a world super power during that time.

Surely, they protest too much.